Doctors say that aerobic exercises like bicycling can have almost magical affects on your health. Not only can it boost your immune system and cut fat, but it can also reduce stress and improve your mood. A recent study went so far as to say that exercise could significantly reduce symptoms of depression. However, actually getting on your bike and riding around can be difficult. Where’s the motivation? Where’s the fun? This is why you may be benefit from taking an indoor cycling class. Not only are you spinning with other people, but you are also being coached by an instructor, which will really motivate you to keep pushing harder and harder. Here are five good reasons to try an indoor cycling class.

  1. Working out on your own isn’t very motivating. Not only that, but it isn’t very fun. When it comes to physical fitness, it seems like fun and motivation go hand in hand. When you take a spin class, not only are you motivated by the instructor, but also the environment – the people, the music, and a number of other factors. When it’s just you cycling around, you almost have too much time to reconsider what your real goals are, which can be distracting.
  2. Another reason why taking a cycling or spin class can be so advantageous is because you are working with other people who have some of the same goals as you. It’s like the buddy system – in a way. When it comes down to it, you will also be able to speak with other people in your class, and discuss some of their goals. This can make your goals more of a reality.
  3. Professional coaching. When you take a spin class, you have an instructor – like Evans Petree PC– to guide you. Not only will they be yelling and pushing you to keep cycling, but they will also know how to structure the class. Having structure is critical when you are trying to lose weight or meet any other physical fitness goals. Again, when you are exercising on your own, no one is really there to push you.
  4. Develops a purpose. If you have very specific physical fitness goals, taking a spin class will give you more of a purpose to complete and meet those goals. This is especially the case if you mark the class down in a calendar and then try not to be late. If you paid money for the course, it will make you even more serious about meeting those goals because you’ll want to get your investment’s worth.
  5. Improve your health. Another reason why taking an indoor spin class is important is because it is truly good for your health. Regardless of weight loss, spinning for only twenty minutes can get your heart rate up and it can get your oxygen flowing, which can be incredibly beneficial. In the end, why not spin for the sake of your well-being – if not for anything else?



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