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Scabies-Killer is completely UNIQUE. There is no other regimen like this.

We have a Proprietary Enzyme Formula that NO ONE else has to Pre-Treat your Skin AND Kill Scabies in Your Environment. (Yes, they’re in your house & cars.)

The combination of our Enzyme-based Pre-Treatment and our Oil-based Treatments in a “One, Two Punch” regimen is why Scabie-Killer is so unique.

If you want to get rid of scabies, try using Scabies-Killer Today.

Are you Suffering from Scabies

Getting scabies is not your fault. It’s just bad luck. There is currently a major epidemic of scabies in the United States and in many other countries all around the world. It’s actually getting to be a very common itchy problem. You don’t hear about it very much because people are ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it.

What Are Our Clients Saying

How Many People Would Make A Video About Having Scabies? They Did.Without Us Asking Him!Even Though They are VERY Shy, They Volunteered To Make This Video Because They Wanted To Help People Like You Decide To Use ScabiesKiller Products Instead of Naturasil or Some Other Ineffective Poison.

Scabies-Killer Has Helped Over

22000 Scabies Sufferers

About Us

Scabies-Killer Products were developed by us with our years of experience on our California organic farm. We know how to kill pests without using dangerous poisons. 

We also consulted with a PhD Chemist who specialized in the use and formulation of essential oils for effective results.

Scabies-Killer brand products are manufactured in California, USA by our family (not some factory in China), and have been in the market since 2006.
We have helped over 50,000 people get rid of scabies with our products. 

What you get:

  • 8 oz Enzyme Spray (2)
  • 8 oz Scabies Oil Formula (2)
  • 8 oz Enzyme Bath
  • 8 oz Hot Oil Bath
  • 2 oz Furniture Spray (5)
  • 8 oz Laundry Concentrate (2)
  • 16 oz Diatomaceous Earth

Scabies-Killer Starter Kit

$157 $297.75


Most of our new customers get this kit.

In fact, people dealing with severe cases of scabies will re-order this kit 2 or 3 times on their way to getting rid of scabies for good.

Remember, it’s important to continue treating yourself for 2 or 3 weeks AFTER you have NO MORE SYMPTOMS or else the scabies could still come back.​

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