Four Excellent Reasons to Use Reputation Management Software in Your Practice


Online reviews, both good and bad, are the secret recipe to success in today’s competitive business realm. Sure, there are other ways to set your dental practice up for success, but you have to start with the reviews. Why? Before working with any business, more than half of the consumers will first check out what other consumers have to say through online reviews.

84% of consumers trust reviews just as much as they would trust referrals from friends and family. Luckily, managing these reviews is a breeze with the right reputation management software. Some of the benefits you get from deploying such software are as follows:

1.      Allows You to Resolve Customer Complaints Easily

A negative comment or complaint on social media, your blog, forums, or any other online platform is like a thorn to your organization. It is out there for the public to see and can quickly tarnish your reputation and hurt your practice’s success. Thankfully, one of the main functions of reputation management software is to monitor your online reviews and notify you whenever there is a negative review. This puts you one step ahead as you can swiftly respond to complaints and negative reviews.

2.      Helps You Gain Clientele Trust

As mentioned, the 21st-century consumer trusts online reviews from other consumers just as much as he/she would trust personal recommendations. In that light, if a majority of your online reviews are positive, then potential clients are likely to trust you. What does this have to do with reputation software? Well, the software monitors the internet 24/7 and builds up on positive reviews, which, as noted, are the keystone to gaining clientele trust.

3.      Enable You to Improve the Patient Experience

Excellent patient experience is a key ingredient to your practice’s success. In fact, patient experience is one of the key factors 91% of consumers consider when making healthcare decisions. Thankfully, your reputation software also helps you improve this metric.

By notifying you of negative reviews and complaints, you’ll not only resolve them but also use them to determine what areas you need to improve. As a result, you get to ensure that no other client has to complain about the same thing again, and consequently, deliver services that meet and surpass patients’ expectations.

4.      Increase Patient Engagement

The modern patient wants to deal with a practice that has an online presence. They want to reach out to you through social media or any other online platform they find suitable at any time. Also, they need you to be highly responsive.

Incorporating reputation management software enables you to become such a practice. How? As noted, this software scans the internet 24/7 and notifies you of any mentions of your dental practice. This enables you to respond to any questions, compliments, and complaints appropriately and promptly.

Propelling your dental practice to success in today’s era of the empowered patient requires that you keep your reputation both online and offline in tip-top shape. The tricky part about this is that your reputation isn’t just about what you say or do. Instead, it’s highly influenced by your clients and even non-clients. Thankfully, nothing is out of your control. You can manage this influence by deploying an excellent reputation management software to stay on top of your online reviews.

Contributed by Jessica Ellen

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