4 Secret Tips To Grow Cannabis Like A Pro

For the past several years we are all witnessing the rapid-growing popularity of the very controversial child of nature – the Marijuana plant. This best-loved recreation for some and scary drug for others has entered the everyday lives of every person and chased off the prejudice and taboos surrounding it.  

This great change has come as a result of the massive legalization of the use of cannabis-based products for medical use. Moreover, the recreational use has also increased due to the sale of edibles, cosmetics and other products infused with cannabis.

Consequently so, many people have decided to grow their own cannabis for personal use or to step up into the very profitable cannabis business. Therefore, the technical and horticultural solutions are also advancing and resulted in simplified methods that allow everybody to cultivate their own cannabis plants.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower here we have some good tips to help you grow the best buds ever.

Tips To Grow Cannabis

Choose High-quality Seeds

Quality marijuana product starts with the best quality seeds. Avoid the common mistake of taking any kind of seeds and clones that you can get from a friend or grower. Investing in good genes is the first and the most important step in the process of cultivating, therefore make sure you are getting them from a seed bank. They will also help you to choose the right type of strain for your growing conditions.

Use High-quality Led Lights

Many growers are taken aback from the fact that Led grow lights are an expensive investment. And while this is very true our suggestion here is sure going to cost you a lot, but the great part is that it will pay off in no time.

The improvements in LED lighting systems today, are offering a possibility of so-to-say custom-made lightning for specific needs and they are perfectly efficient. As you may already know, for the plant to grow healthy and potent it needs the right spectrum of colors from the light as it occurs in nature. Therefore, LED lights are the only solution that can substitute them.  

Different growing stages for a particular type of plants require different light spectrum. With LEDs, you can have fine-tuned lights for your plants which colors you can adjust according to the growth stage. It is the most efficient way of cultivating your plants and getting the most out of them.

LEDs are also preferred as they do not produce any heat and are energy efficient which means low electricity bills.

A Little Drought is Good

If you want to improve your plant’s potency you can use some quality drought stress. Cutting back on the water in the flowering stage is proved to increase the concentration of cannabinoids in the plant. Therefore you should consequently lower the amount of water as the harvest time is approaching.

You can switch from recent waterings to few big watering rounds allowing the soil to completely dry in between.

Tips To Grow Cannabis

Timing your Harvest

The hardest decision for inexperienced growers is the right time for harvesting. You can do everything right – great seeds, great lightning good nutrients and perfectly flowered plants and do a mistake of not waiting long enough. Therefore, you should know for sure that your timing is right.

If you cut your buds too early you risk having low THC that is mostly produced in late flowering stages. The deal is that after the flowering stage begins there is a 2-3 week period in which the harvest should be done and you need to learn to make a good assessment on the perfect timing.

When purchasing your seeds, the seed bank gives you a rough estimate on time needed for each strain to flower depending on the type of the strains. However, this can vary due to different growing conditions. Therefore, according to this timing and your observation, you should let your plant get in deep flowering stage by waiting for at least one week (preferably 2) after the smell gets very intensive and the flower buds look ready. To be exactly sure you can use a magnifier to see if the tiniest structures of the flower are with a brownish color. If this is the case you will have a very potent and quality cannabis product!