5 Tips for Reducing Your High

If you’ve overindulged in a few edibles or you’ve smoked a strain you have little to no experience with, you may find yourself needing to get un-high. Maybe you forgot about something really important that you had to do, or you’ve just had some bad weed – there are plenty of reasons for needing to kill your buzz sooner rather than later.

You may be wondering how you achieve a sobering effect on your body and mind, and this article will give you five excellent tips for doing just that. So, instead of locking yourself in the corner like a sad SpongeBob, read on for better ways to bring you down from Cloud High.

1. Relax

As hard as this might be when you’re anxious and tripping balls, you have to calm down. The harder you try and fight the high, the more acutely aware you’ll be of your extreme highness.

When you indulge in a little too much tetrahydrocannabinol (THC for the high folks), the chemical that causes the high effect is passed into your brain through your body. The effects are generally immediate and can vary in potency.

The best step is to relax and go with it – you will likely calm down enough to have a quiet nap. Once you wake up, all will be right with your world again.

2. Stay Hydrated

If you’re a tad too high for your liking, drink loads of water or tea. Staying hydrated can quickly remedy the discomfort of being too high. Having a dry mouth, known in the medical world as xerostomia, can make you feel even worse – so fill up that glass and keep drinking.

Keep in mind that alcohol is not hydrating – it is, in fact, a dehydrator. So – no booze, drink plenty of water instead.

3. Give into Your Munchies

While there is little to no solid scientific evidence that being high increases your appetite, a little light snacking here and there won’t do any harm. Eating certain foods can even lower your high if you’re clever about what you eat.

Lemons, pine nuts, and peppercorns have all been known to reduce the fantastic effects of Delta 8 THC. Sniffing the peppercorns could work, but if you like, they can be steeped in hot water and lemon rinds.

4. Change Your Focus

In your current situation, instead of panicking and indulging in your anxiety, do what every other high person in your position has done – change your focus. Listen to some music or watch cartoons, whatever strikes your fancy.

The main thing here is to stop being hyper-focused on your predicament and use your time more constructively, like laughing at road runners and coyotes.

5. Take a Shower

Running a hot shower can help you feel invigorated and often somewhat lessens the effect of your overindulgence. Taking a shower can help you regain control of your situation and help you feel refreshed and relaxed. While it may not solve your immediate problem, it will take your mind off it for at least twenty minutes.