6 Helpful Tips for Better Eyesight

Our eyes are like windows through which we get to observe and experience the world around us. They strengthen our connection to our environment, which is another thing that makes them invaluable. Here are a few effective ways you can take proper care of them and maintain good eyesight throughout the years ahead.

Medical checks

A visit to the eye doctor should be included in your annual medical checks, so you can be sure that your eyesight is not deteriorating. This especially goes for people suffering from diabetes or irregular blood pressure. Eye exams are also recommendable if you started experiencing difficulty seeing and having trouble distinguishing objects in your immediate vicinity or those further away. The doctor can establish if there have been any major changes with your eyesight which may require you to use corrective lenses.

Wearing visual aids

visual aid

In case you have been given a prescription by an eye doctor, it means that your eyesight has worsened to an extent that makes it harder for you to function in your environment and engage in daily activities. It is, therefore, time to put on a pair of glasses or lenses. Many people have developed a kind of aversion toward visuals aids, for esthetic reasons as well as financial ones. It is important to emphasize, though, that nowadays, excellent contact lenses are actually quite affordable, but if you prefer glasses, you can find a vast variety of trendy frames that suit anyone’s taste and facial features.

Lowering the exposure to screens

lowering exposure to screen

Chances are that you spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen, whether because of your work or for entertainment purposes. Not to mention the frequent use of smartphones, tablets, and spending time in front of the TV. Excessive exposure of the eye to these devices’ screens can undoubtedly have harmful effects, such as eye strain, burning and sore eyes, vision problems, fatigue, and others.

There are a couple of ways to approach this issue: you can significantly lower and limit the aforementioned exposure, thereby decreasing its impact, and you have the option of occasionally taking tiny breaks while using the given device and letting your eyes rest for a minute or so. You can also obey the 20-20-20 rule (every 20 minutes, 20 seconds of rest, look 20 feet away).


If you have the habit of touching your face and rubbing your eyes whenever they are burning or when you’re experiencing fatigue, try to get rid of this habit. Your hands carry microorganisms like bacteria in large numbers, especially after being in contact with different objects both around the house and outdoors. Those bacteria could end up in your eyes and cause problems, such as infections, which would consequently require medical treatment. If you have to touch your eyelids, for example, when inserting and removing lenses, make sure you first wash your hands well.



When spending a lot of time outside, especially if it is really sunny, make sure you have a pair of sunglasses with you for protection. It is recommendable to use them in order to shield your eyes from the negative impact of sunlight. Not only can the brightness of the sun make it difficult for us to see and discern things and persons surrounding us, but it also has the ability to inflict damage to the eyes, thanks to harmful UVA and UVB rays. That is why you ought to always look for sunglasses which block at least 99% of these rays. If you already wear glasses for vision correction, you can opt for prescription sunglasses to combine the two necessary functions.

Reduce smoking

Smoking is said to be linked to the development of certain eye-health problems and vision difficulties like cataract, dryness or diabetic retinopathy, and can damage optic nerves. As a result, significant vision loss, even blindness can occur. The ideal way of preventing such consequences would be, of course, to give up smoking for good.

Don’t neglect the health of your eyes. They make so many things in our everyday life possible to enjoy, and are a way of communicating with everyone and everything around us.


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