7 celebrities who are inspirations for striving-to-be-fit people

“I just eat once a day. That’s my diet plan”

We have so many people who are of fitness-journey saying this. Actually, this practice is absolutely. “Eat but the right way” should be diet plan of us. Today, we will sharing with you your very favourite 7 celebrities who are losing the weight in the right way.

Melissa McCarthy

To be a being-medium-is too-great advocate. “Melissa knows well that fans love her big & beautiful, & she is not obsessed with dieting; she is actually looking for a happy medium,” a source close to Melissa told about her recent weight loss which she credits to a high-protein diet. Melissa wants to set a good example for her kids. Well… No doubt, she is. And just for her kids but for many women around the world who think being healthy means to be skinny. Being medium to too perfect. See Melissa, ladies!

Anne Hathaway

To be a self-motivator and build strength. While the heartbeat of millions Anne Hathaway didn’t neef to lose any weight, she recently shared why she gave up veganism to get on some paleo-style diet. “I didn’t feel healthy, good, or strong,” she said. When she started filming career, she realized that to pull off her stunts in a 39-pound space suit she needed to toughen up & be bit more quick. After adding fish & meat back into her diet, her energy levels doubled and now she is flaunting her more toned figure in Harper’s Bazaar .

Christina Aguilera

To do some new things. “I’ have been through my highs, I have been through my lows. Being so thin. Being big-ger. I have been decried for being on both sides of the scale,” says Christina Aguilera. It is actually amazing to be on both sides and have some personal time. Because it can do wonders not only for one’s body but also for the mind and spirit. She has time always found trying new types of foods & exploring new methods of exercise. Hence, not for weight or diet, but more for her mind, well being, & overall sense of good health – she is just fantastic.

Kelly Osbourne

To be confident. “I would look at myself & think, ‘Ugh!’ I was miserable,” says Kelly Osbourne , an Ex-shape cover girl. “To get to gym—when you already do not like yourself—is very hard. So I gave it some “fun” touch. I started wearing cute outfits & putting on a bit of makeup. And as vain as it sounds, it so helped me because owing to this i eventually stopped disliking the way I looked.”

Jessica Simpson

To be proud. When Jessica Simpson lost, she made international headlines. Not just due to how hot she looked in her wedding dress but because that many people could relate to her struggle with the pounds. Now, all of her hard work in the gym & willpower on Weight Watchers has paid off. “This body has made two very amazing little human beings (my children). I love it irrespective of size ,” she says. “But this version makes me feel much more fantastic and good.”

Rosie O’Donnell

To live long. After suffering a heart attack some 2 years ago, Rosie O’Donnell shared how she realized that it was now or never. It was about losing weight or losing her life. She decided to get weight loss surgery saying, “It can save life, it is a last chance thing. It is not an answer. You can not just get surgery & go that ‘I am done.’ You’ve to change the way you eat, you’ve to exercise.”

Janet Jackson

To fend off and fight disease. One of very favourite Jacksons – Janet Jackson has always been so open about her battle with emotional eating. Just few years ago, her eating & emotions caught up with her & her doctors worried she was on the brink of diabetes. To save her healthy-life, she singer became a spokesperson for Nutrisystem. She says she finally learned basics of healthy weight loss. “It is a matter of maintenance & keeping the weight off. My success plan was all about feeling good about myself & to be healthy.”