7 Herbs That Will Improve Your Sexual Performance

An overview of sexual health


There is a lot of discussion related to sexual health on the internet than real life. It’s because most of the people often hesitate to discuss this topic despite having a problem with their sex life. According to the report, there are over 18 million American adults that are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, which is the most common sexual dysfunction in men.

The research paper published by the Princeton University has shown that the lack of sexual frequency is one of the major reasons for marriage instability. These reports show that sexual health, indeed, is one of the major health issues in the world today.

Due to the rise of sexual health problems, we often find people looking for solutions on the internet. They search for the ways to improve sperm motility, exercises to enhance sex drive, and so on. And, we also find many products that claim to miraculously solve sexual health problems. Sadly, most of those products are not reliable ones.

Because people are desperate to solve their problems, they are quick to spend money on various products that claim to enhance sexual health. However, it does not mean that all the products that are found on the internet do not work. There are many products that are genuine and deliver the promises.

To find the best natural male enhancement supplements, it’s necessary to check out the reviews and do some research before purchasing them. In this article, we are not going to talk about all the products that are found on the market that could solve your sexual problems.

In this article, we are going to talk about herbs that could naturally enhance your sexual health. We will discuss them in the next section of this article.

7 Powerful Herbs that Can Enhance your Sexual Health


When it comes to sexual health, there are many factors that determine the quality of sexual health of a person. Some of the factors that determine the quality of sexual health of a person are sex drive, hormonal balance, erection, sperm quality, and so on. The herbs that I’m about to mention are herbs that are well-researched. These herbs can impact your sexual health in many ways.

Without further ado, let’s check out the 7 powerful herbs that you should consume for enhancing your sexual health.

  1. Pine Bark

Pine Bark is a natural herb that has been used for a very long period of time to support good health. There are various bioactive chemicals that are contained in Pine Bark, which help in protecting men. This herb is also very effective in enhancing prostate health and controlling the androgen response.

The study has shown that the use of this herb can improve the sperm quality and quantity of men.  And, the next study shows that the use of pine bark can also improve the erection of men. With that said, there is still more research to be done to know in detail about the pros and cons of Pine Bark on men sexual health.

  1. Saffron

The second herb on the list is saffron. It’s a tiny yellow thread that is used for enhancing the flavor of rice dish known as paella. This herb is expensive; however, there is no need to use this herb in a high quantity to experience the impacts of saffron. In fact, it’s recommended not to use this herb in a high quantity to avoid its side effects.

This herb has antioxidant properties and it’s also rich in magnesium, potassium, zinc, and selenium. The study conducted by the group of researchers at the University of Guelph, Canada found that the use of saffron can increase the sex drive. So, try using saffron to spice up your dish and also to get the health benefits of this herb.

  1. Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin Seed follows right after saffron. These seeds contain diverse nutrient components, which help in enhancing prostate health. The nutrients, such as iron, zinc, and potassium are found in this herb, which is vital for men sexual health.

The antioxidant content in this herb along with the essential nutrients that are found in this herb can substantially improve the condition of prostate health. The study has shown that the consumption of this herb can improve the condition of urine flow among men who are suffering from benign prostate hyperplasia, resulting in an improved quality of life.

  1. Fenugreek

These seeds are very commonly used in Indian cuisine for making curries. This seed has a very warm and intriguing taste. There are many health benefits of these seeds. The consumption of these seeds can help in controlling diabetes, lactating women for increased milk production, and more.


The study shows that the consumption of these seeds can enhance the level of testosterone in the body, which also means a high possibility of increased pheromone levels in the body. It also improves the sperm quality.

  1. Fennel

It’s a licorice-flavored herb. This herb looks like celery with lacy fronds. You can cut fennel stalks and add them to foods for enhancing the flavor of your dish. Or, you also have an option of grinding this herb for consuming it as a spice.

The ancient Egyptians commonly used it as a medicine for enhancing women libido. And, there are many good reasons for using this herb. This herb is full of chemicals that are effective in improving sex drive. In addition to enhancing sex drive, it can also help in lactation, aid in digestion, and loosen phlegm.

  1. Pygeum Bark

The study shows that the compounds that are found in the tree increase the chances of the normal-sized prostate. An enlarged prostate is a very common problem and also one of the most common symptoms of benign prostate hyperplasia. Controlling this symptom can greatly support proper urination.

The researchers are still not sure of how the consumption of pygeum bark work, but the studies have shown that the use of pygeum bark along with conventional treatment can significantly improve the condition of men with the prostate problem.

  1. Saw Palmetto

You will find this herb in many male enhancement supplements. This herb was used by Native Americans in the past for supporting their reproductive and urinary health. There are various health benefits of Saw Palmetto. According to the study, the consumption of this herb can restrain 5-alpha reductase, which is linked with an enlarged prostate.

The consumption of this herb may also help in controlling the level of testosterone in the body, which could restrict the conversion of the hormone to dihydrotestosterone.


The improvement in sexual health not only improves your sex life, but it also increases your chance of financial success. There was a study conducted to find the link between financial success and sex life. Interestingly, it was found that the people with an active sex life were earning more money in comparison to people who were not sexually active.

So, are you ready to take some serious steps to enhance your sex life? If yes, start consuming the 10 natural herbs that I mentioned in this article. However, it’s recommended that you consult a doctor if you are experiencing serious sexual problems. The natural solutions are not meant to be the treatment for sexual health problems.