A complete guide to know about the AHCC Supplements

AHCC (active hexose correlated compound) is extracted from a particular species of basidiomycetes, a class of mushrooms including shiitake. It is a natural substance and acts as a vital antioxidant. As of now, the research on AHCC health effects is pretty limited. However, proponents claim that AHCC consumption may prove to be very healthy and are associated with many health benefits. 

For thousands of years, people worldwide have reverted to mushrooms and their potential beneficial effects on the human immune system. The famous Greek physician, Hippocrates, had recognized the potential a mushroom (also identified as Fomes fomentarius or hoof fungus as a species) had to reduce inflammation.

In today’s world, there is an increased interest to use foods and supplements that support the immune system, primarily to address public health for those countries with an ageing society. Such foods are being scrutinized by researchers looking for answers to confirm their efficacy by conducting clinical trials.

Fortunately, AHCC is available in supplement forms, and there are plenty of ways you can find the best ahcc supplement for HPV, as it contains the potential to treat such a disease. This article will go over all the health benefits of AHCC, its source, and for whom it may be useful. 

 AHCC Supplements: An Overview

As we mentioned above, there is still inadequate information about how AHCC might work. Still, some preliminary research shows that AHCC can offer numerous health benefits. Some researchers, however, believe that it may increase ‘natural killer cells’ activity in those who are battling cancer. Similarly, animal research also suggests that it may protect the liver from specific chemicals that are poisonous and may prevent diabetes. 

AHCC supplements strengthen and stimulate the immune system and increase your defence from viral infections, such as the common cold and flu. Several proponents also believe that this substance may help protect against cancer and mitigate chemotherapy side effects. In addition to that, AHCC supplements can also treat hepatitis and prevent heart disease.

Why may AHCC be Important Today?

These days, people are looking for multiple ways they can improve their immune system. This is especially due to the outbreak of deadly respiratory viruses like COVID-19. Regarding alternative medicine, there seems to be a significant amount of potential found in AHCC as claimed by some. It is said to contain properties that stimulate the immune system while strengthening one’s defence against viral infections, which can be effective for influenza, the common cold and other viral infections like COVID-19. Furthermore, there have also been some claims made by proponents that suggest AHCC can potentially protect an individual against cancer and possess the ability to reduce chemotherapy side effects. If that was not enough, AHCC is also said to be effective in treating hepatitis and preventing heart disease.

While it may be arguable that there is little evidence from the few clinical trials that have been conducted to test the effects of AHCC, with the minimal preliminary research, we can see how AHCC can be super effective in offering numerous health benefits and treating potentially fatal illnesses.  

Let’s look at a few reasons why AHCC may be beneficial and why it could be possibly one of the most significant discoveries of medicine shortly. 

Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants serve an important purpose for our overall health. You have probably come across several medical expert’s articles that emphasise ‘superfoods’ containing antioxidants like healthy fats and dark leafy greens. AHCC is an effective food extracted from healing mushrooms. Every AHCC capsule is loaded with powerful antioxidants that prevent cells from falling apart under oxidative stress.

Living a perfectly healthy and clean lifestyle may be the ultimate motto for everyone, but it could be a lot harder to achieve in real life. Fortunately, antioxidant-rich AHCC can provide us with the extra boost we require to maintain and improve health conditions on a cellular level.

Improves Liver Function

As we age, it becomes vital to keep our liver clean from toxic threats and healthy for metabolic regulation, ensuring this crucial organ functions at its peak capacity. As per an article from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre, some evidence suggests that AHCC can aid in liver recovery from scarring and swelling (cirrhosis) and the chronic impacts of hepatitis. 

Though complete liver disease reversal may not be guaranteed at this stage with the little research conducted, sufficient studies have been able to conclude that this supplement can possibly improve the quality of life for patients suffering from such conditions. 

Fights Against Chronic Inflammation

While acute inflammatory response is a mechanism that helps put your body’s natural defenses up against infection and superficial wounds, a lot of people live with chronic inflammation that can cause damage to our internal system over time. 

AHCC contains some properties that help to regulate our cell’s inflammatory response, ensuring we do not keep our system in a chronically inflamed state and fight the real enemies that compromise our health. 

As per some long-term users, it has been reported that using AHCC caused a reduction in arthritis chronic pain and provided relief from severe migraine headaches and helped mitigate and improve irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

Source of AHCC

AHCC is a proprietary compound prepared from the cultivation and modification of numerous species of mushroom mycelia, inclusive of shiitake, grown in rice bran extract. Like other mushrooms, it also contains a mix of amino acids, minerals, and polysaccharides. AHCC is available in supplement form and is known to act as an effective antioxidant.

Health Benefits of AHCC on Immune System

The human immune system can be very complex, but we know there are two types of basic immunity, innate and adaptive. Innate immunity is known to respond to a non-specific threat with immediate response, while on the other hand, adaptive immunity can be more targeted yet slower. AHCC is one of the few supplements available that can actively promote both these immune responses that allow our systems to combat foreign bodies known and unknown. 

Holistic immunity building has become essential in a world with powerful bacteria and viruses invisible to the naked eye, circumstances like these call for effective treatments like AHCC supplements which may be the missing puzzle piece. Proper supplementation may be able to raise your defenses on the inside and out.

Who can take AHCC Supplements

AHCC is generally considered safe when consumed by mouth and taken in medicinal amounts as per WedMD. However, you should get in touch with your healthcare provider or pharmacist to see if your current form of medication (if any) may be affected by the intake of AHCC supplements. Generally, you shouldn’t take AHCC if you take medicines changed by the liver or drugs that are substrates of cytochrome P450 2D6. Also, note that there is little information regarding the safety and effectiveness of these supplements in pregnancy and lactation. These supplements are well tolerated as per trials conducted, but any mild or severe adverse reactions must call for professional consultation.


While we struggle to combat viruses like COVID-19, immunity boosters like AHCC supplements are just what we require to move forward and ensure a healthy lifestyle. Though the research on AHCC supplements may be minimal as of now, we can conclude that it is potentially very beneficial for our body’s natural defenses and mechanisms and is especially effective in boosting immunity.