A Guide to Start The Carnivore Diet

The modern battle against lifestyle diseases is an ongoing one, with many tactics thrown into the mix to abate unwanted health complications.

People have a choice of diets to follow to reach their intended weight reduction goals. Among the many on the rise is the carnivore diet. It insists on its followers subsisting on only meat-based foods and avoiding the rest strictly.

There will be many doubts surrounding a newcomer who wants to get in on the action. Carnivore insider and other such resources exist to make taking that first step, and later ones, easy.

For The Right First Bite

Going on a diet requires a lot of conviction, determination, and most importantly, a very good understanding of what you’re getting yourself into. When and if in doubt, platforms like Carnivore Insider provide all the necessary information you’ll need on your journey to a healthier you. Read on to gain some preliminary knowledge about how to proceed.

Get To Know Your Body

Every person’s health is different at any given time and age, so rushing into a diet without understanding your health parameters won’t help.

It is advisable to get yourself tested by a doctor to know your present and possible future health condition. The carnivore diet can have effects on various organs of the body. Hence, note their conditions carefully.

Consult your doctor/dietician about your plans to go on such a diet and take note of their recommendations and warnings, if any, based on your health report before starting.

Select Your Preferred/Applicable Meat

The carnivore diet insists on meat, but not on a particular type of meat. It encompasses every variety of it like fish and other seafood, beef, pork, chicken, wild meat like deer, other animal products like eggs, bone broth, and more. Low dairy products like heavy cream, hard cheese are also allowed. Water is the only beverage allowed.

Plant-based foods of every type are to be avoided, including cooking oils used to cook the meat.

You can choose to have all the types of meat or go with a select few that suits you. Liver and other such parts are also applicable. All sugary stuff is a strict no.


This diet is believed to lead the body to ketogenesis, where blood sugar level drops and the body burns fat to compensate. The lack of carbs and sugars can trigger this. Some followers claim to experience good weight loss results due to it.

It is also claimed to help with anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain, skin issues, digestive problems, arthritis, and a host of other illnesses.


It’s not easy to start a new diet, which is why you need to take it slowly. Begin by eating only meat for a limited duration, like a week, and increase it from there. Once you start to notice the changes, shift over to the diet full time.

Have 2-3 meals a day at regular intervals. A protein-rich carnivore breakfast helps with the burning of fat throughout the day, so it’s best not to skip that.

Health is the true wealth we have, and Carnivore Insider and other such platforms strive to help you stay fit with good dietary habits made of meat.