A Healthy Timetable For Your Teen boy: 3 Fun Activities!

Teenagers are sensitive, energetic, and quick-witted. It is hard to tame their free spirits, but when it’s something fun they wouldn’t resist. At their age, they can also be silly with their friends doing pranks with an awesome prank call app. Keeping their self-esteem intact, their freedom in consideration, and their interests as a priority; you need to figure out what is best to include in their timetable. Needless to say, our sharp-witted, creative, well-learned teens are losing themselves in the virtual reality behind the screens. All the adventures they ever have in life are inside the screens. Well, as parents, we need to take responsibility for their physical as well as mental needs.

Spend some quality time with your teen boys, understand their minds, consider their interests, and give importance to them. It will improve their self-confidence; boost their self-esteem, and overall academic performance. Studies have shown that teens that spend valuable time with their parents have better social skills and higher self-esteem. Here is a set of valuable experiences you can add to your teen boy’s schedule and make him feel special and loved.

  • Sports—Physical Activity is of Utmost Importance

Teens are relying on junk food, are turning obese, and are becoming vulnerable to a million health issues. By adding physical activities in their routine, you are improving both their mental and physical health.

Let them unwind the true nature of adventures by taking them for camping, hiking, rock climbing, and sky diving. The sudden rush of adrenaline is truly mind-gripping. They would want to go again and again to take up those physical challenges and successfully complete them. Let them select the activity of their choice.


  • Hoverboards—Make it More Fun For Them

With hoverboards, you can plan some fun activities at home with your teenagers. Get the home tasks done by challenging each other with hoverboards. By employing hoverboards, teach them new things and then ask them to complete it in the least possible time. Have a race using hoverboards, but make sure to take some necessary precautions. You can learn more about it on Scooter scouter.

  • Arrange A Movie Night

Teens tend to fall into the trap of stress, depression, and anxiety due to study stress, school environment or some lack on their part. If it goes unnoticed, their personality will remain imbalanced and incompetent for their entire life. So, why not plan a movie night and get them to feel relaxed and loved. Let your teen boy select his favorite movie to watch on the weekend. It can be action, thriller, comedy or any other. During the time, you would get to know more about them through casual conversations. It may pave the way for them to share their problems with you.

According to a 2016 study that was published in the Journal of Youth Studies, quality time with parents serves as a perfect estimator of academic aspirations of teenagers. It can predict it better than the time spent in completing homework or doing extra-curricular activities with parents.

Wrapping it all up, it is right to say that in order to make any relationship work, quality time needs to be spent to enhance mutual understanding. Similarly, with your teen boys, who are spending most of their time outside, strengthen your bond by spending memorable time together. Learn more here.