A supportive guide to your bra to boost your confidence

Just intention to purchase & knowing your “size” is not enough. They are only the beginning. Getting hands on the right brand, the right style & the right support for your body is the real tough process.  That is why one must look for a ” hub of bras”. Something like knix, which has varieties to the bra. Here are some things you should know prior to buying your next bra:-


Oprah started the ‘Bra Revolution’ (in 2005) to educate women about everything related to their bras to boost their inner confidence. However, still, there is so much more to do. You must know that the size of both boobs often is not the same. There are actually some brands who have a collection dealing this issue whilst some brands have made adjustable hooks to make it easy for us to do changes as per our requirements. You need to wear such a bra that flatters your bustline, no matter whether your “snowflakes” are of the same size or not.


Just like there is exists nothing like one all-purpose dress, there is also no all-purpose bra. For the office to the gym to picnic, there are different bras for every event. The elements that must be there in all are: support, seamless, smooth-cup, & comfort


You must not get caught up in colors or prints. Whilst lace & embroidery may be exquisite, your top priority must be to focus on fabrics. It is not important to see or feel your bra. You can buy online. When you are shopping at some local shop, you must bring a few items that you wear most of the times, a T-shirt, or a blouse, or a favorite dress. And judge the bra by how you feel instead of focusing on the look of the garment.


It is usually suggested that it is always great to try on bras in person, but that is not possible always. You need to look for the site ( knix.com ) that show their bras’ collection on an actual human woman rather than any bust form. Lots of retailers even offer well-elaborated style information & videos about their products. You just need to love reading reviews, they typically provide great insight & aid to find out if the product lives up to its description or not. Furthermore, if you are being a bit curious about size & fit, you must order from a company or brand that gives free returns so you can try it multiple sizes.


If you desire to get the most life out of your bra, you must purchase one in which you feel snug on the loosest hook-&-eye set. The elastic in bra’s band stretches with time & use, and as it has been ages, so you must look for one that has the tighter hooks. But as breasts sizes vary with age, bras’ requirements to vary. With the passage of time, you must opt & try different bras

6):- WEAR & CARE

After purchase, you must learn to “care”. Try to hand wash it if you can. Buying a good bra is an investment. These inner wears are so expensive & you have to take care of them. You need to refrain from bleaching or ironing it. And, worst of all, you must not throw them in the dryer. In case if you have any favorite bra, you must give it a break. Wearing elastics continuously makes them wear out faster. So, if you get your hands on a bra that you cannot live without, you need to purchase at least three to four of them. Often the highest quality microfibers & elastics break down over time & lose their elasticity. In this way, you can rotate your favorite bras & cut down on the wear time of each of them. Thus, making them last longer.