A Thorough Guide to Lean Mass Gainer

What is lean mass gainer?

Lean mass gainer helps individuals focus on building lean muscle mass for a variety of health benefits. It comes in supplement form and is packed with high quality protein and carbohydrate sources.

Lean mass gainer supplements avoid using sugar-based carbohydrates and unhealthy fats which are found in the majority of weight gain supplements.

Typically, lean mass gainers can be compared to normal mass gainers as they are used with similar goals in mind. The main difference is that lean mass gainers aim to build lean muscle mass instead of bulky muscle mass, so lean mass gainers do not include as many fat sources. This low-fat and low-carb supplement supports fat reduction to the highest optimal level, aiding individuals to reduce any excess body mass and fat to become leaner and fitter in a variety of ways.

How can it be used correctly?

Lean mass gainer should be used in conjunction with a workout program for optimal results. Individuals should follow the instructions included on the supplement product packaging for best practices. The daily intake of the lean mass builder product should never exceed the recommended guidelines as this can be potentially harmful and counterproductive.

What are the benefits?

The health benefits of building lean muscle mass are nearly endless. Many people are initially motivated to focus on building lean muscle mass because of its aesthetic and physique-oriented benefits, as well as its athletic advantages.

Reducing body fat levels and focusing on building lean muscle mass helps eliminate the risk of many serious illnesses and offers many ways to improve health overall.

Some of the most prominent benefits of lean muscle mass gainers are:

  • Improves Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Promotes maintenance of muscle mass
  • Rich source of BCAA’s (Branch Chain Amino Acids)
  • Low Glycemic Index Carbohydrates (helps promote stable blood sugar and reduce insulin resistance)
  • Slow and fast release protein
  • Optimal 1:1 ratios of protein to carbohydrates

Five interesting benefits about lean mass gainer;

  1. Building lean muscle mass is an invaluable investment in your future. The sooner you start adding lean muscle mass, the better, as these benefits are lifelong and help promote a healthy body and to build a reserve for when you are older and need the benefits of lean muscle mass more than when you are young.
  2. Focusing on building lean muscle mass helps boost immunity and fight disease. The immune system requires a lot of protein to heal your body when it is sick or stressed. When this happens your body turns to its protein reserves, or, your lean muscle mass. Individuals who have less protein in their reserves make the job of recovery and healing more stressful for the immune system to do its job. In summary, the more protein reserves you have built in your body, the easier it will be for your body to fight off infections and the more you are able to support your immune system when it is struggling to keep your body healthy.
  3. Building lean muscle mass can protect against insulin resistance. The presence of Fatty Free Acids in the body contributes to insulin resistance, which means that the body is unable to clear the blood of excess glucose and sugar. A high fat mass or the presence of excess fat is associated with the release of Free Fatty Acids in the body. Over time insulin resistance can contribute to the development of Type 2 diabetes, which is a condition that is nearly impossible to reverse. However, developing Lean Body Mass helps to prevent insulin resistance and thus effectively prevents Type 2 diabetes. A study conducted by UCLA School of Medicine found a direct correlation between the increase of lean muscle mass associated with a corresponding decrease in insulin resistance.
  4. Building lean body mass contributes to strong bones. Osteoporosis affects both men and women as they age. This disease puts people at risk for serious danger from falls and broken bones later in life, which can be life threatening or pose detrimental irreversible effects. According to a research project called the Mediterranean Intensive Oxidant Study, researchers found the lower levels of lean muscle mass was correlated with brittle and weaker bones in older men. Thus, higher levels of lean muscle mass equal greater bone density, strength, and overall health.
  5. Building lean muscle mass combats obesity. Obesity is an epidemic that has been ravaging the world’s population for the last couple of decades and statistics show that this health problem is growing at an exponential rate. More than two-thirds of Americans are considered overweight, fat, or obese. On a scientific level, obesity is caused from a prolonged imbalance of calories consumed versus calories burned. But a variety of other factors play a part, such as poor diet, lack of exercise, and on a deeper level, lack of lean muscle mass. Increasing lean body mass improves your Basal Metabolic Rate which determines how many calories you burn and how efficient your metabolism is working. Improving your Basal Metabolic Rate by building lean muscle mass reduces excess fat, thus eliminating the possibility of obesity.

Things to note

Before starting a lean mass building program, it is important to properly prepare. Measure how much body fat you have with a body composition analysis. It is also important to monitor the changes in your lean body mass by having your composition measured regularly to be informed on the amount of fat you are losing and to ensure that you are always balancing it with your ideal healthy amount of body fat for your weight and height.