Benefits And Uses of CBD Oil

The wonderful nature has given us one of the most beautiful and interesting creations, the cannabis plant. It is a miraculous plant; it contains different cannabinoids and molecules that perfectly fit into the cannabinoid receptors found in the human body.

Short summary of what the whole story is about: it has been found that the human body has an endocannabinoid system that is made up of cannabinoid receptors, endogenous cannabinoids and enzymes that control the production and degradation of the endocannabinoids. On the other hand, the cannabis plant contains exogenous cannabinoids, most abundantly THC and CBD. The body itself produced cannabinoids- the endogenous cannabinoids mentioned. However, our body may go haywire resulting in lack of cannabinoids and needing extra support from the outside.

Nature has designed a perfectly functional chain. All the remedies for human beings can be found in nature. The wonderful CBD oil, derived from the cannabis plant can help our bodies heal from various ailments. The CBD molecules bind with the endocannabinoid receptors found throughout the body and work their magic.

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Synthetic and Natural Approach

When we suffer from an illness or disease, the symptoms produced are merely a consequence of another root problem. The synthetic drugs treat the illness or disease on the level of symptoms. They remove the effect without taking care of the cause. Picture this: there is water leaking in your basement and any time you try to fix it, you just clean the water. Guess what will happen after a year? You will still have water leaking in your basement. What if you change your approach and focus on figuring out what causes the leakage of water and fix it from that point? Probably after a year, you wouldn’t find any water in your basement, because you treated the root of the problem. That is how natural healing and medicine work – they operate at the root level- and yes this is the case with CBD oil.

In our physiology, CBD works on the cellular level- there are receptors found on the cells that bind with CBD and when this happens a message is sent to the nucleus and genes. The genes are like mini control centers that control our physiology. They are codes for protein synthesis, many proteins being signaling molecules that run our physiology. CBD influences the genes that create the signaling molecules, which NATURALLY reduce inflammation. In other word, CBD supports and boosts our natural healing mechanism to bring the body back to balance.

Here are few conditions in which CBD oil might help.


There is no question that in today’s world everyone suffers from some form of anxiety. The anxiety levels since the 1960s have risen by about 70%. These statistics are a result of our fast paced and stressful lifestyle that we have created for ourselves. There’s no doubt that mental work must be done for this particular issue. However natural remedies such as CBD oil can have great benefits on our psychological state.

Studies are showing positive results in treating anxiety with CBD oil. Small doses of CBD signal the body to produce more endocannabinoids. One of them, anandamide, is named after one Sanskrit word meaning bliss, and bliss surely is the opposite of anxiety and stress. Therefore, anandamide boosts positive mood and reduces anxiety.

CBD upregulates the GABA system found in our central nervous system, resulting in a relaxed state in the whole being. Also, CBD downregulates the glutamate system in our central nervous system that can cause over-excitation. This results in overall relaxation and anxiety management. If you’re researching what brands of CBD or hemp oil to buy for anxiety, check out this Endoca review.

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Anti-inflammatory Properties

Inflammation is a signal that something has gone out of balance in our body and we need to pay attention to. Maybe it is an injury and we should allow it to heal, maybe it is the food we eat that causes inflammation or maybe it is our thoughts and surroundings that cause us the inflammation. Whatever the case, CBD oil can help you on your journey of healing because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

CBD has been shown to upregulate the genes that create anti-inflammatory chemicals in our immune system and to downregulate the inflammatory chemicals, creating homeostasis in our immune system.

It can help in the treatment of arthritis, allergies, sinusitis, autoimmune disorders, colitis, multiple sclerosis, etc.

PAIN. Oh the Pain

Pain is not a pleasant feeling and when experienced everybody desires an instant relief. The painkillers, the instant solution, will only temporarily suppress the pain and that makes things even worse. Why? Because pain has a purpose. Pain is trying to tell you something for you to listen to what your body needs or lacks. It could be on a physical level- maybe you need to integrate more movement or change of diet or posture, or maybe on another level it is trying to teach you something. Whatever the case, to support yourself and your body in its pain management, you will benefit more if you choose a natural remedy such as CBD oil. More and more people are turning to this option to avoid the negative side effects and possible addiction from pharmaceutical drugs.

Actually, cannabis has been used for thousands of years in the treatment of cramps, swelling and discomfort- there is some evidence that it has been used by women hundreds of years ago for PMS cramps. It is known to provide relief in painful conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome, broken bones, nerve, sinus pain, etc.

In the future, much more researches on the topic are expected to prove and thoroughly explain the uses and benefits of CBD oil.