Benefits of Getting Dental Veneers & Laminates in Jacksonville, FL

Are you embarrassed to smile in photos? Do you avoid smiling as much as possible in front of other people? In fact, you are one of the myriad of people worldwide, being embarrassed by the look of their teeth as a result of a dental problem.

However, nowadays any type of a problem can be fixed by installing dental veneers, thin porcelain layers that are glued to the front surface of your natural teeth. These layers camouflage every cracked, chipped, or missing tooth while looking absolutely natural. They provide a complete protection of the sensitive inner tissue, shielding your tooth from decay, but remaining stainless.

These are the top benefits of using this kind of a dental restoration method.

Improve your smile

Probably the greatest benefit of having veneers installed is getting your teeth cosmetically repaired. These are the perfect solution for chipped, cracked, and discolored teeth as well as for closing the gaps between your incisors. Depending on your dental problem, your dentist would have to decide if you more suited for a dental crown or a veneer. Click here to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of both restoration methods.

Moreover, veneers are customized for every patient, having the same shape and color as your original teeth, which your dentist will scan. In fact, the veneers would be created in accordance with the scan in order for the final result to look natural.

Excellent durability

Another incredible benefit of these laminates is their amazing durability, which naturally largely depends on your oral hygiene. Although they serve as a protection to your natural teeth, it doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t get damaged.

Actually, they are resistant to porosity, but you should still be careful when eating solid foods. They might be unsusceptible to stains and decay, but they certainly aren’t resistant to chipping. Their lifetime can be extended as far as ten years by taking a good oral care.

Easy to maintain

Veneers don’t require any special maintenance in comparison with your natural teeth. You are supposed to brush them twice on a daily basis, without being concerned about getting them stained. Anyhow, in order to preserve the natural whiteness, you are advised to go pay regular visits to your dentist who is going to maintain their shine. Visit the following link:, for some useful tips on taking good oral care.

Quick solution

Numerous people find their teeth unappealing, trying various treatments to improve their appearance. For instance, braces are most commonly used for problems like misaligned teeth, but the ultimate result is wasting time and experiencing pain for no particular effect.

On the other hand, instead of wearing braces for years, dental laminates will conceal your issues like a chipped, missing, stained, or deformed tooth in the blink of an eye. The smile that you were dreaming of for years will become yours in a matter of days. Naturally, you’d have to consult with a dentist in order to check if laminates would be the right solution.

Being non-invasive

Although most patients are reluctant to visit their dentist due to the invasive nature of the procedures, the installation of dental laminates is almost non-invasive, particularly in comparison with installing crowns. In fact, most patients go through the procedure with no anesthesia.

In addition, the initial step of the procedure is getting a digital impression of your teeth. Actually, most dentists use digitally designed dental veneers, owing to the latest technology equipment in their ordinations. Afterwards, a half millimeter of enamel is going to be removed from the front part of your tooth and the laminate will be glued by using cement. Conversely, when installing crowns, much more enamel needs to be removed.

Being worthwhile

Dental veneers are undoubtedly one of the costliest restoration methods, but they are certainly worth the investment. After having them installed, you will no longer need to use whitening, as laminates are unaffected by stains, caused by coffee or cigarettes. Therefore, you’d save money on this treatment throughout the years.

Another reason why these layers are worthwhile is being unsusceptible to decay. Thus, you will avoid the cost of treating cavities and installing crowns. In fact, you’ll significantly reduce your trips to the dentist in comparison with the past.

Enamel replacement

Although enamel is the solid outer part of the tooth, designed to protect the inner tissue, it’s prone to getting damaged by consuming sugar and food that contain acids. Unfortunately, once you lose tooth enamel, there is no way of restoring it back.

However, veneers can serve as a replacement for enamel. They won’t only protect the sensitive part of your teeth, but also provide them with a fantastic look. Visit this page to learn more about the most common reasons for enamel loss.

Boost your confidence

Installing such layers can really do wonders for your self-confidence. Most people with dental problems avoid smiling, as these problems affect their confidence in a negative way. However, laminates will definitely make you more confident, as your smile will look both terrific as well as natural. You’ll no longer have to hide it, but in fact you’ll start smiling all the time.

Wrap up

Trying this restoration method can really provide you with the long-desired smile.

Make sure you find a reputable dentist and you’ll have your brand new smile in just a few days!