Benefits of Organic Vape Juice

A lot of people nowadays find vaping to be healthier than smoking. Even the Public Health of England declared that vaping is 95% safer than smoking the average cigarette.

Why Vape is better than Cigarettes

E-Cigarettes have a very low percentage of nicotine. Nicotine is the addictive element contained in cigarette and it is the main cause of cancer. Vaping helps people to quit smoking. This can serve as a healthy alternative which aims to reduce the harmful consequences that are brought by smoking. Vaping is currently not associated with any serious health risks.

Are you switching from Cigarettes to Vaping?

Vaping is the other term for electronic cigarettes. This is a kind of electronic device that generally vaporizes an organic juice. The juice can be made up of vegetable glycerin and glycol. Most vape juices contain many flavors that vapers can choose from. This article contains information about the benefits of an organic e-liquid.

  1. Free of Diacetyl

Diacetyl or butanedione is a kind of chemical used to give popcorn a butter-like flavor. In vaping, this chemical is used to enhance the sweet flavor of most vape juices. However, most of the workers at a popcorn factory in Missouri developed lung diseases because they inhaled massive amounts of the diacetyl compound. Too much diacetyl tends to scar the small airways of the lungs and it reduces their efficiency. In the case of an organic e-juice, the liquid itself is free of any chemical synthetic additives which reduce the risk of lung diseases.

  1. The Absence of Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is a kind of synthetic liquid substance that came from petroleum. When it comes to non-organic vape juice, the base ingredient is mostly propylene glycol or PG. Many vapers started to get allergic reactions from too much use of this substance. Symptoms of PG can include nausea, blocked airways, wheezing, diarrhea, insomnia, hives, and fatigue. The good news is that there are certain organic e-liquids in the market that do not contain PG. Consumers just have to watch out for flavorings where PG was added sneakily.

  1. Organic E-Juice is Made of Vegetable Glycerin

First-grade vegetable glycerin that is derived from non-GMO soybeans is the main ingredient of many vape juice products. The juice is also made from real extracts of fruits and they taste exactly according to the description. They are free from any additives and synthetic chemicals. All in all, the e-juices are normally 100% free of PG, vegan-friendly and do not involve any animal cruelty.

  1. Free of Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs

Most vape juices contain artificial flavoring and sweeteners. These sweeteners can also be present in the best organic e liquid. However, the best ones contain real fruit and plant-based extracts. Most juices today do not use any GMOs for safety reasons. When it comes to the standard cigarettes, a lot of carcinogens come from insect killers, pesticides and plant growth regulators.

  1. Certified FDA-Approved Nicotine

One of the milestones that the vape liquids have reached was making sure that the nicotine content has an organic certification. Most of the crops for tobacco are grown on family-owned farms in the USA. The process involves a careful CO2 extraction which is absent in any standard cigarette. The Federal Agency of USDA has approved a lot of organic juices that do not contain any PG. The main carrier is the organic VG which proves that even nicotine can be an all-natural and organic ingredient.

Vaping is a viable alternative to cigarette smoking. Although there are a lot of flawed studies that say vaping is more dangerous than the usual cigarette, there are just too little research and incidents that prove that the statement is true.

Vaping with Organic Vape Juice is a Very Good Alternative Compared to Cigarettes

vapeMany people won’t be able to stop smoking immediately. Some will experience withdrawal symptoms like sickness and too much craving for a stick of cigarette. However, this can be prevented by presenting an alternative that works. There are a lot of vape juice flavors in the market. If one really wanted to shift his lifestyle to the healthy way of living, he should get organic vape juice.

There are a lot of options in the market today. The purpose of the vape industry is to minimize the bad effects that the cigarette can bring by introducing vaping. And variety is a good thing. Anyone who is looking for new flavors can switch their vape juice whenever they do not want the ones they currently have.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that vaping does not promote smoking the vaping device all day. It is just a great alternative for smokers who want to minimize their intake of poisonous synthetic chemicals. That includes tobacco, the pesticides used on them and the nicotine content in e-cigars.