Best Digestive Tract Cleanses With Clean Ingredients

Life is dirty. That’s not a value judgment, just a statement of fact. Even if you do your absolute best to eat healthily, you may still eat or drink things that contain toxins. Supporting your healthy lifestyle with holistic or mineral products is a smart move. Besides being one of the best supplements for digestion discomfort, Polisorb can also help cleanse your digestive tract. Learning about Polisorb uses and benefits can reveal how you can integrate it into your overall plan to stay healthy.

5 Digestion Symptoms Polisorb Can Help Relieve

You may have heard of people using Polisorb for situational digestive discomfort. It works differently than traditional over-the-counter digestive aids. By removing bacteria, viruses, potential allergens and other harmful toxins, Polisorb may be helpful in relieving some common symptoms of digestive discomfort:

  • Upset stomach
  • Nausea
  • Occasional bloating
  • Food-borne reactions
  • Overindulgence

Polisorb is a white odorless and tasteless vegan mineral powder that contains no gluten, GMOs, additives or sugars. It’s also free from common allergens, including dairy, eggs, peanuts, soy, shellfish, tree-nut, fish, and wheat. Polisorb mixes with water, so it’s easy to take and safe for both children and adults.

The Science Behind Polisorb & Its Cleansing Abilities

How does Polisorb work?  Simply put, it’s an enterosorbent. “Entero” refers to inside your digestive tract, while “sorbent” refers to agents that can absorb other substances. Enterosorbents work inside your body, attracting other molecules to itself either through chemical or physical processes. Those that rely on chemical reactions can be risky, but physical enterosorbents don’t need chemicals to work.

As a physical enterosorbent, Polisorb binds to harmful things inside your digestive tract: viruses, bacteria, allergens and other kinds of toxins. Using your body’s natural processes, Polisorb pulls these toxins out of your body as it exits. Even better, it leaves no footprint in your digestive tract – it doesn’t metabolize and isn’t digested.

The key to how Polisorb works is silicon dioxide. It’s a mineral compound of silicon and oxygen that’s naturally found in plants, animals and water. With its absorbent capabilities, it pulls out more toxins than activated charcoal. It’s also safer since it doesn’t build up inside your system over time like activated charcoal can.

Polisorb as a Digestive Tract Cleanse

As you’ve just seen, the properties that make Polisorb one of the best supplements for digestion and bloating also make it a useful cleanse. Polisorb works like a magnet, attracting toxins to itself and taking them out of your body. With its magnetic action, Polisorb can be used as a periodic regular digestive cleanse. By pairing it with one of Detoxify’s herbal cleanses, it can help remove toxins and replenish essential vitamins and minerals. Thanks to its mineral composition, Polisorb works with your body to support a healthy gut.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important, especially when it comes to digestion. Using your body’s natural processes, Polisorb can provide relief from situation digestive discomfort and serve as a periodic digestive cleanse. With its mineral-based formula, Polisorb is gentler on the body. It’s a safe and effective means to support healthy digestion.