Brain Octane Oil Review

What is Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil?

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil is a specific supplement that has 18 times more potency than virgin coconut oil, when the talk is on transferring caprylic fatty acids. Such fatty acids help in advancing the brain functions with fat burning capabilities. The said supplement is made by a company known as Bulletproof. It was founded by Dave Asprey, who is a technology entrepreneur and Silicon Valley investor. During the time he searched for better health, he asked advises from naturopaths, doctors, psychologists and traditional healers across the globe, which helped him create this supplement. Specifically, Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil acts more than a regular virgin coconut oil. It is consumed by adding it to your plate. It shows added potency compared to the regular caprylic acid capsules. It is sold in low prices.

What are the Benefits of it?

The Bulletproof Brain Octane is odorless and flavorless, which makes it a better choice compared to the rocket fuel-tasting oil-based products that are contained in several supplements.  Its benefits are developing focus, advancing cognitive energy and improve level of concentration. It avoids your brain from feeling uncluttered, which is most advisable for those times in a ketogenic diet wherein a brain fog might be occur. Furthermore, Bulletproof Brain Octane works by serving as a fuel for a mind that is looking for ketones, which the brain uses to achieve metabolize energy.

In a way, the Bulletproof Brain Octane poses as a source of energy at hand for the brain. It can cut down the brain fog by lowering the production of toxic elements in the bloodstream. Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil can be quickly stored at room temperature. There is no refrigeration needed. Adults are required to take it regularly to feel the positive effects in the body and mental health. Moreover, pregnant women can enjoy it, because it is natural and does not contain any synthetic substances.

You may purchase the product thru this link. 

What are its Ingredients?

Bulletproof Brain Octane is a product of 100% pure coconut oil. It is not just a coconut or MCT oil. Brain Octane also contain C8 MCTs, which processes more effectively into ketone energy compared to the other common oils like C12 (Lauric Acid,) C10, and other caprylic acid.

The body is not able to store ketones from brain octane being fat, but it is released through the lungs by breathing and kidneys by urine. Furthermore, Brain Octane experience a triple distillation process with only heat, pressure and water to gain the purest product possible, while having no harsh chemicals and solvents.

How Much Brain Octane Oil Should One Take?

One should begin consuming Brain Octane Oil in a dosage that is not larger than 1 teaspoon. Then gradually add more amount after someday and continue taking it up 1 to 3 tablespoons daily.  It is advisable, also, to add it into your drinks, salads, smoothies and etc. Furthermore, the Bulletproof Coffee makes a very good product when consumed together with Brain Octane Oil. 

Does It Really Work?

Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil has been a well known health supplement in the market. You may get it at several online stores today. It is a rare product, which is able to transfer a certain amount of nutrition from coconut oil all over your body. During a regular intake, you may experience a boost in cognitive functions and develop your memory. It works well in just short weeks.

After several days, you will notice of a better focus, power and clarity, which can be slow during the first time, but is still noticeable. It is not as much as you thought from the start, but allows positive results after time. During a study of testing the results to a particular population, it was found out that they had gained mental focus and experience a level up in energy levels. There were also those who claimed that they had weight loss after taking a Brain Octane Oil. This may happen due to the level up of energy levels.

Moreover, a keto supplement works well when combined to Bulletproof Brain Octane. Where, you may gain a ketosis level of 1.98mM.  The acquiring of cognitive improvements in Brain Octane Oil is a top reason why people are seeking to buy it.


After the complete brain octane oil review we concluded that it works in multipurpose ways. Once you get the knack, you will look for it again and again. If you’re having doubts, why not try the 3-ounce travel size or buy the single-use GoPacks and let your friends get to try it. Furthermore, Brain Octane Oil aids in making ketones at your body, even prior to your body becoming keto adapted, while having steady stream of fuel at your brain. The possibilities go on.