Cannabis has naturally been utilized to cure several conditions like pain and inflammation. Different people use cannabis in various forms, like CBD gummies, Oil, etc., to treat migraines. Migraine attacks transcend daily stress or headache. It can typically last up to 72 hrs if left untreated. 

Activities like excessive noise, light can make migraines worse. While many medications can temporarily relieve your symptoms, yet if one wants to treat it through natural remedies, scrog grow Cannabis is often a reliable option. However, let’s first explain what a migraine is?

What is Migraine?

A migraine may be a neurological issue, including tract & brain chemical synthesis. We realize that this issue regularly runs in families. Researchers believe that aside from genes, other environmental factors play an important role. One must know that migraine is far more severe than a typical headache. Migraine causes a pulsing sensation on the left side of the brain. This sensation also accompanies extreme vomiting and nausea. Migraine pain can last for several hours to days. It inhibits one’s daily ability to specialize in activities like driving, studying, etc. Before migraine, our body gives us an alarm like visual difficulty, pain on one side of the body, difficulty speaking, etc.

What Causes Migraine?

There are several factors liable for migraines. commonest causes are:

  • Genes:

If you have got a case history of migraines, then there are chances you would possibly also get as the gene gets transferred from one generation to a different one.

  • Hormonal Changes:

As per clinical studies, any alteration within the estrogen hormone can cause migraines in women. Contraception pills can contribute to creating them even worse.

  • Certain Foods:

Certain highly processed foods, artificial sweeteners can trigger migraine attacks. Home-cooked low salt food is suitable for those affected by migraines.

  • Sleep Habits:

Sleeping an excessive amount or insufficient can trigger migraines. Aside from these, jetlag & changing time zones also can cause migraines.

  • Weather Changes:

Changes in air quality, atmospheric pressure can contribute to migraines. Those affected by migraines should avoid excessive traveling and temperature changes.

  • Skipping Meals:

Missing a meal can cause your blood glucose to drop drastically. Low blood glucose can trigger a migraine. One should carry some sweet biscuits with them to avoid low blood glucose.

How Can Cannabis Help In Handling Migraine Attacks?

Studies have shown that migraine attack triggers a gentle decrease of the cnr1 gene, which encodes CB1 receptors. Moreover, it has been found that ladies are likely to possess more migraine attacks than men. It is often attributed to hormonal changes like menopause. It is often linked to an overall decrease within the endocannabinoid level. To avoid the recurrence of migraine symptoms, one should patronize Getkush and obtain the best cannabis strains that relieve headaches.

CBD present in Cannabis works by interacting with Cannabinoid receptors, namely CB1 & CB2.

These receptors affect the functioning of the system. CBD regulates the effect of compound anandamide within the body, which helps to scale back the sensation of pain.

According to the studies presented at the ECU academy of neurology, 48 people affected by migraine received combination doses of two compounds. One contained 19 percent of THC, and therefore the other held 9 percent of CBD. Researchers stated that a dosage as low as 100 mg did not affect migraine attacks. However, when a mixture of THC-CBD dosages was bumped to 200 mg, a 55% reduction in migraine pain was found. 

Another study published within the year 2016 stated that medical marijuana was effective in treating migraines. One common side effect that was profound among the bulk of individuals who used edible marijuana was drowsiness, which may be controlled by the proper dosage.

How to use CBD?

There are three methods of CBD delivery, namely inhalation, Oral & topical.

Inhalation Method

In the inhalation method, chemical gases undergo the lungs then get absorbed into the bloodstream. It has further classified into two methods, namely vaping & smoking.

  • Smoking:

One can smoke Cannabis by using it with a hookah, bong, or just rolling a joint. One also can mix tobacco with cannabis strains in cigars. However, combining nicotine with Cannabis may be a personal choice.

  • Vaping:

This method is run with the assistance of a device referred to as a vaporizer. This device heats the dry herb to an appropriate temperature. By this, THC & CBD, alongside other cannabinoids, are often inhaled. This method may be a safer alternative to smoking pot.

Oral Delivery Method

In this method, one can intake CBD through various methods above that do not involve the discharge of smoke/vapor/chemical gases. These include CBD ingestible oils, tinctures & infused food. An additional strength CBD oil in olive or copra oil can also deliver results, with a lower THC trace amount. Confirm that the CBD products you purchase come from high-quality cannabis seeds harvest. Invite third-party certification to understand the source of your products.

Topical Methods

In this CBD infused products are administered through skin contact. As soon as cannabinoids get activated, it gets absorbed by the skin surface. Unlike the opposite two methods, it does not reach the bloodstream. It includes CBD balms, CBD lotions & oils that one can apply on skin to urge relief from pain, headache, etc. 

Bottom Line

Based on various studies and research so far, it looks like Cannabis is often somewhat helpful in reducing migraine occurrence frequency. Researchers are now diving deep to seek out the correlation between medical marijuana and migraine. Nevertheless, one must not attempt to self-medicate themselves with marijuana as there is no standardized dosage for keeping the symptoms of migraine cornered. However it is recommended to buy grape ape feminized seeds and grow it at home for unlimited supply of medical cannabis.