Tips on Choosing the Right Dosage of CBD for Pets

CBD products have become one of the most convenient and efficient forms of treatment for animals suffering from various medical conditions. Therefore, an increasing number of pet owners are using these products in an attempt to improve their companions’ physical and mental health.

However, in order for CBD to be highly beneficial, it has to be dosed and administered properly. As a pet owner, you’re expected to choose the right type of product, calculate the dose and select an administration method.

The following tips will help you in the process.

Choose the right form

Prior to calculating the dosage, you’re supposed to select the right CBD product for your pet, as it can be found in several forms. For instance, you can choose among tinctures, topicals, capsules, and treats, all of which contain dissimilar concentration of cannabidiol. 

Tinctures are the most potent form, coming in a bottle with dropper, so as to make the process of oil administration more convenient. This form has much higher rate of bioavailability, enabling an immediate absorption of the oil into your pet’s bloodstream. Capsules are also high in cannabidiol concentration, but their bioavailability rate is lower. Moreover, unlike tinctures, each capsule contains a certain dose, so make sure you read the package instruction before making a purchase.

Conversely, treats aren’t as potent as tinctures and capsules, but these are pets’ favorite product. Online sellers like, provide their customers with a variety of treats, coming in different flavors and sizes. You’re only supposed to choose a type that your pet will fancy.

Lastly, topicals are perhaps the least used form, as these are particularly designed for skin conditions. In case your canine or feline companion suffers from some sort of an allergy, rash, or joint pain, then rubbing a topical on the affected area would certainly alleviate its discomfort.

Determine the right dosage

After selecting an appropriate type of CBD product, the following step would be determining the right dosage. It actually depends on three factors, one of which is your companion’s size and weight. Most products come with a chart, clearly representing the doses in accordance with weight and size. As long as you know your pet’s weight, you have nothing to worry about.

Another factor that affects dosage is certainly the type of product. In fact, the number of drops, capsules, and treats could never be equal, as it’s calculated in accordance with their CBD concentration. Anyhow, all products are supposed to list the doses by weight on the back of the package, so make sure you read the instructions attentively.

The ultimate factor affecting dosage is the type of health problem. For therapeutic purpose, such as anxiety, depression, aggression, or inflammation, cannabidiol is administered in lower doses. However, severe conditions like seizures, cancer, heart disease, glaucoma, and many more illnesses, require a much higher daily dosage. Visit this page to learn more about the uses of cannabidiol for animals’ health.

Consider the administration method

Since pets are not crazy about consuming CBD, you’re supposed to find the right method of administration. Tinctures are best administered sublingually, but if your pet refuses to open its mouth, you can put the drops in its favorite food.

Capsules should be also mixed with its food, as otherwise your companion would never consume them. Conversely, treats are the most convenient form of administration, as you can easily use them instead of the regular ones.

Wrap up

Selecting the right dose and form of cannabidiol is crucial for improving your pet’s health.

Make a wise choice!