Customers 7 Tips to Maintain The Teeth white After Teeth Whitening Treatment

Everyone deserves a fascinating bright smile. It is well known that foods, snacks and drinks we consume stain the surface of our teeth and leave a dirty smile. Do you agree?

There are many teeth whitening products in the market and diverse range of teeth whitening treatments options available. This offers a plethora of options to bleach or whiten our teeth.

Now the question is, how long does the procured result of teeth whitening treatments last?

Remember that the whitish teeth recovered with dental treatments or whitening products are not permanent. It fades over a period of time. It is essential to keep a teeth friendly diet and indulge in certain activities to keep the teeth’s bright color recovered.

What are they? Here are the aftercare teeth whitening tips.

Important things everyone should know before getting teeth whitening

  • The effect of teeth whitening commercial product differs because it depends on the composition of whitening agents they contain.
  • You cannot get the same result of whitening treatment done at a dental office with commercial whitening products available in supermarkets.
  • The degree of whitening and whitish teeth acquired also vary for each person.
  • It is quite difficult to shade the grey colored teeth when compared to yellowish teeth.
  • Adhering dental veneers is the only option if the natural color of discolored teeth is not recovered with teeth bleaching treatments.

Tips to prolong the recovered whitish teeth

The longevity of dental whitening treatments relies upon what you eat and how you care after the treatment. Replacing certain eatables, snacks and drinks with tooth-friendly food items help your teeth to stay white for a while.

  1. Cut down dark drinks

Having a cup of beverages like tea, coffee and other soft drinks is enjoyable for many people. Dentists reveal that tannins present in tea, coloring pigments present in soda & wine are powerful to stain our teeth.

If you consume such drinks intermittently, it will affect the teeth whitening results.

Hence it is better to minimize the consumption of those drinks. Likewise, you can use a straw while consuming soda and other cold drinks.

  1. Exclude foods containing coloring agents

Similar to drinks, food items like sauce, candies, curry contains a high amount of coloring pigments. Such coloring products which brighten the foodstuffs are effective to dull the brightness of our teeth.

When the pigments are deposited on the teeth, it ends in teeth stains and discoloration. This is the reason why Cosmetic Dentists advice to avoid candies.

  1. Reduce consumption of acidic drinks

Acidic drinks like lemon juice are powerful to weaken the enamel. If you drink acidic drinks frequently, the chances are higher for enamel wear down along with teeth discoloration.

It is important to minimize acidic drinks consuming. Similarly, it is better to rinse your mouth after drinking such drinks. It will clear away the acidic compounds deposited on the teeth surfaces.

  1. Stop smoking

Smoking and chewing tobacco products make your dental health vulnerable to oral diseases. Smoking immediately after teeth whitening reduces the teeth whitening results.

If you really care your teeth and oral health, then say bye to cigarettes and tobacco products.

  1. Take dairy products

Milk and other dairy products like cheese, butter are effective to feed our teeth the essential minerals to keep our teeth healthy.  As stated earlier, replacing the sweet and acidic food items with dairy foods in our diet will help us to keep our teeth bright and strong.

Similarly, you can add vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish & other protein source foods. It will help your teeth to fight against the bacteria and stain causing agents effectively.

  1. Drink more Water

Drinking plenty of water improves the salivary production. Saliva is essential to extract the stains and other bacterial substances on the teeth. Consuming more water is beneficial to our overall health as well as our dental health.

  1. Dental Hygiene

If you brush twice a day and floss regularly, then you can preserve the natural color of your teeth. It will also helpful to prolong the effect of dental whitening treatments.

Chewing sugarless gums after meals, mouth rinsing with water after eating and drinking beverages or soft drinks also help to maintain the whitish teeth.


Our teeth are vulnerable to staining after the whitening treatments. Hence it is important to avert staining foods and smoking for the first 48 hours following the treatments.

If you want to keep the dental bleaching results you have acquired, follow the mentioned tips along with your Dentist’s advice,