Dealing With Chronic Headaches? Time To Get A Better Look

Struggling to stay productive due to a constant headache? You may need to take a deeper dive into your health and condition if this pain persists for a long time. Headaches can wreck our day and peace whenever they arrive. Sometimes it fades away if we sleep or get a hot shower but other times, it can stay through your efforts to soothe the pain. When all your senses are overwhelmed due to this pesky problem, what do you do? Let’s look into what can be done to relieve your chronic headache in this blog.

  1. Evaluate your stress levels: If you’re working under constant pressure and over caffeinating, the stress can build up and give you a headache. Tension headaches usually arise gradually and can give you a sense of pressure around the temples and the back of the neck. This is all your stress collecting which tightens the muscles around your jaw, neck, shoulders and hence your temples. Try to do some deep breathing exercises, give yourself a massage to loosen up the bunched up muscles and relax. You’ll find that drinking adequate water or taking ibuprofen will help instantly.
  2. Get a consultation: If your headache is chronic but seems like a migraine, you need to get a consultation from an expert. A constant headache is a sign of some underlying problem, which can range from low eyesight to a tumor or clot. Since panicking and overthinking makes the headache only worse, go to your doctor and they will prescribe an MRI at Optima Diagnostic Imaging. The MRI can rule out any possible head trauma or condition, helping the doctor form a personalized treatment plan.
  3. Acidity and reflux problems: Acidity and reflux are part of greater gastrointestinal disorders. These are also notoriously known to cause mean headaches, especially due to the build-up of gas. If you’re eating gassy foods or spicy ingredients, make sure to try switching them out. Instead, drink coconut water to calm down the acidity levels and take prescribed medication to treat your reflux.
  4. Lack of quality sleep: Not getting enough sleep can cause a plethora of problems, but a headache is one of the first signs. It is important that you get at least 7-9 hours of sleep in a day, which can help you avoid getting these fatigued headaches. Make sure to turn in early so that your sleep quality and deep sleep are optimal.
  5. Temperature and excessive heat: you’ll notice that you’re more prone to headaches in extreme temperatures. Excessive cold can constrict your blood capillaries and veins, which can lower blood supply to the head, causing a headache. Contrarily, excessive heat can cause a headache due to overheating of the head.

Wrapping Up:

One of the worst things to have is a headache because not only does it make you feel inhibited from performing regular tasks, it also brings a wave of irritation, photosensitivity and a low tolerance for sound. We hope that these pointers help you detect the cause of your headache and treat it appropriately.