DIY Tips for Seniors

Unfortunately, as we age, we become less mobile and more fragile. As a result, DIY can become a tricky task, yet the need for DIY doesn’t lessen with age. If anything, after living in the same place for a number of years, more and more needs to be done. Despite this, sprucing up your home doesn’t have to be taxing and there are many things that you can do that won’t require safety training. Below are the top DIY tips for seniors that allow you to smarten up your home in an inexpensive and accessible way.

Paint Front Door

Your front door is the first thing that anyone will encounter when interacting with your home. Therefore, your front door should always be in ship shape. Painting your front door is one of the simplest and most affordable ways of making your home feel brand new. Color is a huge affecting factor so it’s important that you make an informed decision. Red has become a popular color for front doors due to its striking and inviting appearance. Similarly, orange and yellow are also good options as these have connotations of warmth and joy. This is exactly the message that you want to be portraying for your home.

Paint Walls

Another quick method of freshening up your home is to repaint the walls. In contrast to your front door, it’s a good idea to keep the walls in your home neutral by using grays, beiges, and creams. This allows you to accessorize your home in a multitude of ways, meaning that if you fancy a change, it’s well within reach. These accessories such as throw pillows, rugs, and blankets are what you should be using to incorporate color into your home. These won’t restrict you to one fixed color scheme, as they can easily be switched out and moved around the house.

Rearrange Furniture

Something that can make your home seem too same over time is the arrangement of your furniture. Another simple and free way of sprucing up your home is by moving the furniture around. So long as you’re not attempting to move extremely heavy items alone such as couches, heavy units, and solid dining tables, you can rearrange your space safely. If you are looking to move heavier items, never attempt to do this alone, as this can lead to severe injury. Instead, wait until you have someone to help you for the safest practice.

Allow Sunlight and Air into the Kitchen

In order for your home to appear elegant and clean, sunlight and air need to be permitted into the space. Tying into the repainting, rooms with plenty of sunlight should be painted a lighter color, as this allows the sunlight to reflect off the walls. Not only do sunlight and air make your room look better, but they also improve your mental wellbeing. Ample sunlight is extremely beneficial to mental health, making you feel happier and more alert. This is particularly important to retired individuals that live alone as it helps you steer away from loneliness and aids you in keeping your mind alert.

Hang Mirrors in Every Room

Since mirrors reflect light around the room, mirrors are ideal for creating an enlarged and shinier space. Despite this, the placement of mirrors is important; they should be placed 90 degrees from windows and shouldn’t be directly placed from walls. Mirrors are particularly effective in smaller spaces as they create the illusion of enlarged space. Similarly, they aid you in making the space a lot lighter, which was previously mentioned in the above point.

What DIY tips do you plan to follow?