Easy Ways to Include Exercise to your Daily Routine

You are not the only one who has a busy schedule and no time for a workout, but there is nothing to worry about that because there are some easy and simple ways you can include exercise to your daily routine. If taking out an hour or two in a daily busy routine is not possible, the following ways will surely help you stay fit by making the workout a part of the routine.

Active commuting

Making the commute an exercise activity is simple. Take a bus or train, get off a few stops early, and walk to the office. Park at some distance and walk some distance. You can part a block away and from there walk to the office, this wayfinding parking also gets easier. 15 to 30 minutes of walk will make the body active and cancel the bad effects of an inactive daily routine.

You can also get yourself a bike and use that to get to work instead. If you live relatively nearer to your workplace, a bike is a better mode of transport because you can get exercise daily, save fare, and lessen your environmental impact with less carbon transmission. Since it will be your daily ride, you may want to get accessories to make your bike commute more productive.

Lunchtime workout

Identify the time you have and utilize it, the lunch break is the time you can utilize and go for a walk, cycle, or small run. After lunch, few steps will not only wick away tiredness but also includes a healthy activity into an unhealthy routine. If you do not have the time to do above mentioned exercise running up and down the stairs also helps.

For this, you can either go to the office in your workout shirt and trousers or change during the break. Changing clothes will keep the sweat and smell away from work clothes, so that is a good point. Indoor workout like going up and down the stairs is easy and you do not even have to worry about whether, either it is cold, hot, or rainy outside you’ll never miss a workout because of that.

Walking to work

We go for the elevator, escalator, and taxi instead of stairs and walking. This simple thing could add so much to your routine that you do not have to take out time separately for exercise. Skipping walking or stairs for elevators, escalators, and car seem easy and quick but they are not as healthy. Plus, some big and busy cities have heavy traffic especially during work and busy hours so taking a walk is actually faster. This might make you a little tired and would take more time but for what it is worth we all should do it.

Earlier workout

Another way of including workout to your daily routine is getting up early and going for a workout. Morning hours in the gym or for a run are perfect. You are free from work pressure, feeling fresh rest of the day, active and pumped you will handle tasks better.  All you must do is wake up early and that is all, no other reasons to skip the morning workout. One thing you should not forget is working out in proper clothes. Running in your baggy trousers, no! Get some running shorts or you can explore to find what you like.

Utilize the time properly

Many of us do not have time in our busy schedule but, in reality, we are sitting idle using our phones, computer, watching TV doing nothing at all. It is putting your brain on strain; you’re becoming a couch potato. During that time, you can do some workout. For instance, watch your favorite show while running on a treadmill, listen to your favorite music or podcast while working out. Utilizing your time this way gives it meaning while making your life and health better and you didn’t even miss on the show.

Change of attitude

Instead of fitting workout in your daily routine try to make workout part of the routine, this might sound philosophical but will help straighten things up. Start with as much time you can, firstly try not to skip then build up from that adding more and more time for workouts. A healthy body and mind help you be more creative and active so it is as important as your work.

Workout time and place

Some gyms are always open while some are not. Could you not find a gym open when you have the time to do the workout? No worries, there are several other ways. You can either get a personal trainer and set the timing that suits you, tag a friend along and take help for workouts, go to a park or buy some weights to workout at home. When shopping doesn’t forget to get yourself workout clothes, because the regular ones are not suited. There are plenty of tutorials and guides online for self-workout you can join that too.

Do what you enjoy

Exercise, running, cycling, walking your dog, or going for a walk with your friends, even dancing. These are all forms of exercise and doing these you will be enjoying while working towards a better and healthy life. Taking some time to do what you love will give you peace of mind and take the stress away and it will not even feel like a burden.