Everything you need to know about marijuana seeds

Marijuana is a type of cannabis plant. It has many different therapeutic properties and can be used for a variety of conditions. How to choose the best marijuana seeds? Learn more about the different types of seeds on the Polish market, including whether growing them in Poland is legal.

Marijuana seeds – basic information

First determine which variety will be most suitable for you. Indica can be used to treat sleep disorders and pain. Sativas are great for nervousness, anxiety, stress and nervousness. Hybrid strains are somewhere in between and have properties similar to both strains. The strain should be tailored for therapeutic purposes as well as the growing environment.

Indica species can be found in the mountainous areas of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. They are low-growing plants with dense tops and a stocky body. Sativa cannabis has short, skinny buds and stick-like leaves. Their natural habitat is Mexico and Colombia, which are warm countries. The plants’ origins may mean that they have slightly different growing requirements. Many marijuana seeds available today are a mix of Indica and Sativa.

It is worth noting that marijuana seeds are the same as other cannabis seeds. Their genetics is what makes them different. They have different prices and affect how they can be grown.

What should everyone know about marijuana seeds?

These items are available for purchase:

  • Traditional seeds – These are seeds that are obtained from female plants after they have been pollinated by males. These seeds can produce a male or female sativa strain. Only female plants can produce such a high effect. Statistics show that only 66% of such seeds will result in female plants. The flowering stage will determine the sex of the plants, which can lead to pollination by female species.
  • Feminized marijuana seeds – These are marijuana seeds that have been genetically modified to produce female plants. High quality feminized seeds produce about 95% female plants. They are very easy to grow and do not require much care. This reduces the chance of them becoming hermaphroditic.
  • Automatic seeds are created through modern genetic treatments. Their creation involves crossing cannabis and ruderalis varieties. These seedlings can flower in as little as 3 weeks, despite being grown quickly in harsh outdoor conditions. Most automatic cannabis seeds can produce two full harvests in one growing season.

It is important to pay attention to many factors when choosing marijuana seeds. THC concentration is the most important. Be sure to compare THC and CBD. THC is primarily a stimulant. CBD has anti-inflammatory, anxiety-relieving and analgesic effects. Terpenes, also known as aromatic oils, are found in hemp. They are responsible for the taste and smell of cannabis.

These strains are used to produce medical marijuana. These strains contain higher levels of CBD. They may have a higher concentration of CBD than others, such as 1% and 15%, respectively.

Can you legally possess marijuana seeds?

The law in Poland (and other EU countries) allows you to possess and sell marijuana seeds. This is because marijuana seeds do not contain any addictive, intoxicating or narcotic properties. The current Law on Counteracting Drug Addiction makes marijuana seeds legal in Poland. They are not listed in the list of narcotics and substances that can be used for their production. They can be collected as collector’s items. The seeds can also be used in the kitchen, or for smoking as incense sticks.

However, the same law also makes it clear that sprouting and growing marijuana is illegal. Possession of marijuana, which is on the list of banned drugs, is also prohibited. Its possession and cultivation are punishable by imprisonment.