Features To Look Out For When Buying A Portable Hot Tub

Hot tubs, especially the inflatable kind, are all the rage nowadays. They are evermore popular due to their durability and relatively cheaper price. Although they function slightly differently when compared to fixed hot tubs, there are a lot of advantages to them – besides the lower price. If you’re in the market for one, these are the features you should be looking for.

Hard Water Treatment System

If you live in an area with particularly hard water, then you already know that limescale deposits can wreak havoc on anything that keeps water for a long time. The best portable hot tub models will have a filtration system that treats for hard water, so as to avoid build up of calcium deposits in the tub, and the heating unit. Otherwise you’ll find a white ring (limescale) at the edge of the water, which can be unsightly as well as dermatologically unsafe.

More Bubble Jets

The jets in an inflatable hot tub are generally at the bottom of the tub, so the number of jets corresponds to how powerful a massage you would be getting. This is not the same as fixed hot tubs, where jets are directed towards specific muscle groups and increasing their number serves no purpose. In an inflatable hot tub, the jets massage your entire body at once, so more jets means a more powerful massage.

Reinforced Tub Walls

Because the walls are inflatable, they are prone to giving in when you lean on them. Look for models that are of reinforced PVC, so that they don’t give in too much when you lean back. This makes it more comfortable for you in the hot tub, because you probably don’t want to be sitting upright as you relax. Some people even buy a tub  pillow to rest their head on as they enjoy the bubbly warm water. 

Multi-Function Pumps

You will need some type of pump to inflate your tub, and a water pump for your jets. Some models boast of a multi-function pump which can inflate the tub as well as pump the water. This saves you the trouble of buying a separate air pump and worrying about how to connect it properly. With a built-in multi-functional pump, you have everything ready from the get-go. 

Puncture-Resistant Material

These  tubs should be portable, and so their walls need to be relatively durable to withstand being deflated and inflated, or any transportation they undergo. So keep an eye out for models that advertise being puncture resistant, usually made from heavy duty PVC. 

Other Features You Might Like

These are extra bells and whistles that should not be the main thing you look for when purchasing a hot tub: 

  • LED touch screen control panel
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in headrests (removable)
  • Cushioned tub floor
  • Adjustable jets
  • Handles to make carrying easier
  • Cup holders around the tub

Using our guide, you can find yourself the perfect hot tub for your enjoyment. There are many different models, with a wide range of prices – so shop around before settling on any one model.