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Your parents have grown old and now need more of your time and attention. But it is hard for you to do so because you have a family, small children and a new job to attend. Do not worry – there is a solution for everything and in this case, it’s homecare. You do not have to get emotional and overwhelmed by the idea that you will leave your parents with other people – this is why we are here. We are here to help you find the best home care agency in Ireland.

Do not wait until the last minute

No one likes to think about the fact that one day, their parents will grow old and sick. That they will maybe undergo surgery and need special tending. Put people do grow old and misfortunes happen. Although we cannot stop the aging process, what we can do is make sure that we have everything set for when it happens.

Because it is harder to deal with problems when emotional, it is advisable that one talks about the idea of home care with the family in time, before they need it. Here is an article on mental health in later life you should consider reading for understanding the elderly.

There are times when old people have to deal with mental illness and it is then when choosing the best healthcare becomes more difficult. This is because in those cases, they might not understand why they need to be taken care of, cannot make decisions themselves and might need convincing.

Make a list of what you want 

Once you’ve decided that you must resort to a home care agency, you have to decide what you want. The needs of the elderly are different and vary from person to person. You should get together with your parents and have a talk about their needs. Some people only need to boost their social life, others need special medical tending. Some need people to help them with gardening, others need post-hospital care.

Apart from activities, timing is another important aspect you should consider. Ask yourself how many hours a day and days a week you need a carer. Creating a monthly or yearly plan according to your schedule would be a great idea. In this way, you can present your timing needs to the agency and find the best solution for your wants.

Also, you should consider what other special needs your parents might have. Like someone talking a specific language or being available at certain hours of the night. Consider everything there is to consider about the subject and make a list of everything you need. This is a step-by-step guide that will help you make the best list.

Do your agency research

Once you have decided what you specifically need from homecare, it is time you picked the best agency. There are multiple ways of making this decision. For starters, you can talk to other family members who might know anything about the subject. Cousins who have parents who need special care are a good source because they already know all the steps of the process and will be more than happy to help.

Another reliable source is your family doctor. Getting a special opinion in this matter might help, taking into consideration that older people might suffer from diseases or be under certain medical treatment. Getting advice from a doctor is a great idea, as he/she will know people in the field and will be able to recommend the best agencies.

The third way to go is online. You can search for websites of home care agencies in Ireland such as The good thing about going online is that you will find out on their website everything about their services and personnel. More than that, you will be given the opportunity to read about other people’s opinions and reviews of those who have resorted to this agency’s services.

Have a confidential consultation 

Once you’ve picked the best home care agency in Ireland, it’s time you met the person who will be in charge of your dearly beloved. Make sure that you go for an agency that offers experienced assistants, with a clear background. Talk about this if you need to and ask as many questions as possible.

Actually, you should go to the meeting with a set of questions in mind or on paper. A good example is questions related to payment and fees. Ask how much will they charge and see if their requirements suit your pocket. Make sure you find out everything you need about your future carer. You should ask if you will have a regular carer and what happens if one day they cannot get to your home because they are sick, for example.

What if your needs are different and you need another carer? Will the agency provide another person? Think about situations like medical emergencies. Ask if the carer will stay with you until help comes and whether or not will it be able to work on holidays.

Agree on the care plan and sign a contract 

Does the agency you met with have a great plan and carer for you? It’s time you signed the contract! In the case when older people contact a home care agency by themselves and go through the entire process alone, this last and very important part should be supervised by another member of the family or neighbor. At times, it is difficult for old people to understand all the points of a contract and is hard for them to make a decision. Make sure that the contract is well-read before signing anything and that all your questions have been answered. Do not sign a contract with a home care provider when in doubt.

Although it is not a pleasant subject, you should know everything about home care if you have an older person in the family and be able to resort to one when in need. I hope that this article helped you ease this difficult process and make you understand the importance of understanding and expressing your needs in this situation.