Getting back your glow after pregnancy and childbirth

Childbirth can change any woman psychologically and physically. The experience of finally becoming a mom often comes with mixed feelings of uncertainty and joy.

In the midst of all that, you may notice how much your appearance has changed. You probably gained weight in places you never wanted. So how do you get back your glow after pregnancy and childbirth so you can look sexy and confident again?

1.     Consider breast augmentation

One area where significant changes will occur after pregnancy is your breast. But it’s actually not caused by breastfeeding; breast changes are due to the hormones throughout pregnancy.

If you want to get back your firmer, attractive breasts again, consider going for breast augmentation. Breast augmentation by Dr. Courtney is a safe surgical procedure that can help you get fuller breasts once more. Whether you’re faced with sagging breasts due to age or weight fluctuations, breast augmentation can correct it and help you gain back your confidence.

2.     Eat for two

Until you wean your child, note that whatever food you consume is for two. That’s because a considerable part of the nutrients you ingest will be processed into breast milk for your child. So be sure to get sufficient protein, whole grains, vegetables, and fiber to your diet. Drink enough water. Never go hungry or thirsty for long during this time.

3.     Exercise

No self-care tip would be complete without mentioning physical exercise. That’s because working out has benefits that transcend the physical into the psychological. Regular light to moderate-intensity physical exercises can help breastfeeding moms relieve stress, help them stay energetic for the child, and improve overall well-being. After a workout, you naturally feel happier and alive because of the feel-good hormones induced.

Additionally, a workout can help you get back that sexy physique you had before becoming a mom.

However, do not go too hard with your workout during your postpartum period.

4.     Get as much rest as possible

You’ve become a mom, but that doesn’t mean you should throw self-care out the window. If you do not get enough rest and reenergize, you become frustrated and even angry for becoming a mom. Avoid strenuous activities during your postpartum period (this doesn’t refer to exercises, which are goal-oriented and beneficial to your health).

Ask your partner or a relative for a little help once in a while and rest. Sleep if your baby is asleep. You can clean the house later.

5.     Care for your body

Remember that caring for a baby doesn’t stop you from caring for yourself. Practice skincare and hair care routine so you can stay elegant and graceful in your eyes and those of your partner. That leads us to the next and final item..

6.     Spend time with your partner

You were probably very intimate with your partner before the baby. So it wouldn’t be nice to take all attention from your partner to the child. Spend time with them. Even make love as often as possible, which would elevate your oxytocin and endorphins, making you happier, calm, and more in love. These hormones even help you fight off anxiety and depression, which sometimes afflict new moms.

Bottom line

In the quest to be a good and responsible mom, do not lose yourself. That only leaves you depressed and unhappy with yourself and your child. Care for yourself even as you do the same for your baby, and you’ll see you become the best mom they could ever have.