Herbal Remedy for Acne


With its antiseptic properties fight the bacteria that invades the skin and creates problem. It contains natural components like Sulphur that can heal acne naturally. Take a piece of garlic and cut it into two now rub the garlic juice directly onto your pimples. Allow it to settle and leave it for a few minutes. After leaving it for 5-minute wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat it as much time as required as it will show no signs of sensitivity.


It naturally soothes the skin and is also known as a very good source of nutrients that will help to heal acne and prevent pimples. It is a great source of various nutrients that also helps in prevention and healing of the skin. Such ingredients include vitamin E, A and C. When it is used regularly onto the skin it can help prevent acne breakouts and development of oily skin.


It will work great as an ordinary facial mask. If you will apply it to the affected area it will dry up the pimples and absorbs the excess oil. The mild forms of acne like blackheads and white heads can removed by simply applying toothpaste. Toothpastes that are made from gel and that have whitening properties must not be used.

Remember to apply ice pack to the affected area before applying toothpaste that will help soothe the pores. You can apply small amounts of toothpaste on the pimples and allow it to dry for 30 minutes.


Honey is super sweet for your taste buds, it has great wound-healing and anti-microbial remedy. Take a cotton swab in the honey and after that apply it onto the infected area. Leave it for 30 minutes.

Lemon Juice

Due to the acidic properties that it has it can fight off the acne-causing bacteria.

Another recipe that you can try is cinnamon powder with lemon juice and create a mask with it. Apply the mask to area that is affected the most and leave it for a while overnight. When you wake up in the morning wash it off with lukewarm water.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It will help in toning down the breakouts. It works as an astringent that can help make your skin feel smoother and better. It will absorb the excess oil that will help clogging the pores. It will help restore the pH level of the skin. Apple Cider Vinegar will help prevent further damage of the body. Dab a few drops of diluted ACV on the pimples and you will see the difference in the morning. When you will leave it overnight you will be able to see the difference fore yourself.

Green Tea

It is well known for fighting acne and with its antimicrobial property it will heal acne in no time. The antioxidant compounds that are present in it helps in slowing down the process of premature aging of the skin and free radical damage.

You can even use green tea bags onto the affected area as it will help cool your face.


Clogged pores can become a huge reason behind the formation of acne. Mint naturally contains salicylic acid that has the same active ingredient that is found in most of the skin products for acne. The acid in mint will help loosen the dead skin cells.

Any of the herbal remedy for acne mentioned above can contribute a great deal in making your skin flawless and happier than before!