Home Remedies For Dry Socket

When the teeth are pulled out there will be lot of pain. There will be immense discomfort even after the tooth is picked out. If it is really necessary it has to be tolerated. If the pain is very severe and if it has not gone away even after long time then it might lead to a condition called as alveolar osteitis or dry socket. It was estimated that nearly two to five percent of people are at the risk of developing dry socket after the picking out of tooth. Though this condition is very inconvenient to experience it is very easy to handle and do dry socket treatment at home.

The socket is the term used for the hole present in the bone on which the teeth has been taken out. If the tooth is taken out from the bone a blood clot will be formed in the socket to keep the bone and the nerves underneath safe. This clot will later on after two days will get dissolved. This will make the nerve and bone to become exposed to the air, fluid, food and anything that might enter into the mouth. This might cause severe pain and infection which can end up for five to six days.

Symptoms of Dry Socket

  • If the region where the teeth are picked is observed there is probably an opening which is dry.
  • ¬†The blood clot may not appear and a bone might be seen at that area.
  • The pain in the region will start two days after the tooth were picked out.
  • This pain might get enhanced and can extend to the ear region.
  • The symptoms of dry socket might involve bad breath and unusual bad taste and smell in the mouth.

Causes of Dry Socket

The people who are at the edge of suffering from dry socket are

  • People who smoke
  • People who have their wisdom teeth pulled out
  • People who have very poor oral hygiene
  • People who use birth control tablets
  • People who have greater than normal injury at the time of tooth extraction surgery
  • People who had dry socket history after the teeth are pulled out
  • Rinsing the area, drinking using straw and spitting too often after the tooth is removed might result in dry socket.

Home remedies for Dry Socket

The dry socket has to be shown to the doctor for proper medical attention so that further complications are avoided. But, before going to the doctor there are certain remedies that can be done for dry socket treatment at home.

  • Clove oil is considered as one of the remedies for dry socket. The cotton is dipped in water and then in clove oil. Next it is kept on the socket. If the teeth that are present surrounding this socket are also painful then the cotton swab can be kept on those teeth as well. This remedy can be utilized for one time or two times in a day.
  • Another home remedy for dry socket is gargling with salt and Luke warm water.
  • Using yoghurt in the diet will help you to take in a natural antibiotic.
  • Ice pack can be used for reducing the swelling as the dry socket might result in swelling.
  • The tea bag is taken which is cooled and pressed against the area where the tooth was removed from. The intense pain in that region will go away. The pain relief is obtained from the tannic acid that is present inside the tea bag.
  • Turmeric is added to the cup of Luke warm water which is used for cleaning the mouth with that solution.
  • The dry socket is applied with the mixture that comprises of turmeric, mustard oil and dry salt. This mixture is again applied on the dry socket. The pain will be reduced by this mixture and good health of the teeth can be also be maintained.
  • Those who have the habit of taking tobacco have to stop taking it for about a week period to help in fastening the relief process.
  • The pain in the dry socket can be aggravated by the air and saliva. Hence, to avoid these two elements to reach the socket, gauze can be put on the area when needed.
  • The mouth is washed with the solution of peroxide and it should not be swallowed. The pain can be alleviated immediately by doing this procedure.
  • Holding cold packs from the outside will reduce swelling and pain. This will give relief to the dry socket.
  • The individual has to eat in right manner and take proper rest.
  • The pain can be relieved by keeping the body sufficiently hydrated.
  • The food and water that are taken in are not sent through that side and cause strain.
  • The mouth can be rinsed gently with warm water for many times in a day.
  • The teeth are brushed very gently surrounding the dry socket area.