How Aromatherapy Helps You Fight Depression

One of the most common health problems in the world today is, beyond any doubt, depression. It affects millions of people all over the world and even those receiving therapy may find that side-effects of the medications they’ve been prescribed are simply overwhelming. So, does that mean there are no other ways to fight depression, which won’t be so risky? Luckily, the answer is a resounding no.

Aromatherapy has been used for decades now to treat depression and many people are really thankful they’ve experimented with this alternative method. With the number of people suffering from depression expected to continue rising in the next decade, shouldn’t we be more serious about natural ways of combating this illness? Here is how aromatherapy can help:

Room diffusion

If you wish to energize the air in your room, you need to get a good diffuser, but make sure you choose the right one. It’s supposed to diffuse uplifting oils into the air and make you feel more relaxes and less anxious. If you’re not at home, but are travelling or at work, place a drop or two of your favourite essential oil or essential oil blend onto a cotton ball or tissue and keep it close to you.


We know how great a massage can be, but not everyone can afford it whenever they feel like having one. So, learn to give yourself a massage. Start by gently massaging your feet, legs and arms and use a soothing massage oil containing skin care essential oils and nutritive carrier oils. you now also have the option of massage chairs that covers various body parts for you.You’ll notice your mood improving and you should know that your circulation will improve and your skin will be nourished as well. There are so many different essential oils to choose from that you’re bound to find one that matches the emotional outlook you’re after. However, if you’re about to go to bed, massage is not the best option, since it stimulates your circulation, similarly to bathing.

Scented candles

These have been around for quite a while now. With many attractive retail and fabulous wholesale candles to choose from, you really shouldn’t have any problems finding the one(s) that do the trick for you. Experiment with some and see which ones make you feel happier and more relaxed. Look for the aromas that won’t bother the people in the room where you plan to use them, since everyone reacts differently to scented candles and their scents. Still, apart from helping you feel less sad and depressed, they also provide a very romantic and soothing ambience, regardless of the room in which they’re used.

Skin and hair care products

If you’re not happy with skin and hair products in your local stores, think about making your own. Use calming or energizing essential oils, which can help you alleviate the symptoms of stress and depression. You can find instruction on how to do it online, just make sure you have the right ingredients and that you follow the instructions carefully and to the letter. The satisfaction of making your own personalised products will only make the effect even greater.

Cotton balls by the bed

Before going to bed, use a drop of a calming essential oil, such as chamomile or lavender oil, on a cotton ball or tissue and place it close to your pillow. That should help you fall asleep more easily and we all know how important that is when it comes to having a healthy mind and body. Since insomnia can have a very detrimental effect on your mental and physical health, you should do whatever you can to ensure you get enough sleep. Alternatively, you can create a calming aromatherapy bed linen spray and gently spray your sheets before bedtime.


There is a simple trick that should help you feel better even when showering. Place a drop of your favourite essential oil onto the back edge of your shower or tub, where it won’t get in contact with your skin. The heat and steam from your shower will gently heat the oil and make it evaporate, thus creating an aromatic shower. If you’re showering in the morning, choose some uplifting oil, like cypress, orange or rosemary.

As you can see, aromatherapy, which is neither expensive nor difficult to introduce to your daily routine, can really help you in almost any situation you find yourself in. So, if you feel down and out, you should definitely consult a physician about the problem. Additionally you can find a good therapist from You can also add aromatherapy as a complementary technique to help you combat the threat stress places on your overall health.