How long Does Pot Stay In Your System

Are you looking for ways to detox from weed? Whether you have a drug test lined up (for work or other reason) or you are simply looking to clean yourself – there are several methods to get marijuana or pot out of your system, but the question is how long does pot stay in your system so you come up clean in your tests

how long does pot stay in your system, depends on your consumption

However, these methods are not backed by science and are dependent on your intake of weed. The more pot you consume, the more time it will require for the substance to clear out from your body. The type of test you are having will also influence the result. For example, if you are going for a urine test, you need to abstain from weed for 3 to 77 days. For a blood test, you require one to seven days while a hair test needs a gap of approximately 90 days. To detox for a saliva test, the user has to avoid drugs for one to seven days at an average. There are several other factors involved such as your individual metabolism and the potency of the substance that you are using.

Given all these factors, since you have asked for how long does pot stay in your system. here are some quick hacks that may help get marijuana out of your system.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is one of the best and proven ways to pass a drug test. Exercising speeds up the metabolism and helps shed extra fat in the body. The more fat and extra weight you have, the longer it will take to eliminate marijuana from your body.

However, experts advise against too much exercising, especially on the day you are scheduled to have the test. Studies show that exercise may increase THC concentrations by 15%, which can last for a few hours. So although, exercising is a good way to detox – we recommend skipping it on the day of your test.

  1. Healthy diet

Eating healthy is never a bad thing. And if you are looking for ways to detox from marijuana – making a few dietary changes can really help.

Studies show that 20% of the THC can be eliminated from the body through urine while 65% is removed through bowel movements (We will be writing another article about how does THC affect the body) , This means that you should avoid sugary and sodium-enriched foods as they can cause temporary bloat and water retention.

If you are trying to pass a drug test, increase your intake of fruits and leafy green vegetables. Adding fiber to your diet is also helpful. However, avoid taking laxatives. On the other hand, you can supplement your diet with B-Vitamin, Psyllium Husk, and magnesium to speed up the process.

  1. Sauna

To many it may sound like a myth, but in reality, roasting in a sauna can bring several health benefits. One of them is flushing out the marijuana toxins from your body. How? Because saunas are very hot and they can make you very sweaty. The sweat excreted by your body eliminates THC, sodium, and water retention, which ultimately helps in the detox process.

Nevertheless, saunas can be extremely hot for some individuals. Make sure you take caution when entering one and drink water before, after, and in-between the sessions. In addition, if you are taking special medication, we advise consulting your health care practitioner to assess if the sauna is a safe choice for your unique needs.

  1. DIY Cocktail

Drinking too much water during the detoxification process can be dangerous. It can also dilute your urine that may cause you to fail your test. However, you can make your urine concentrated that may increase your chances of winning the drug test. The best way to do this is to drink around 2 – 3 liters of water on the day of your test. Supplement it with B-Vitamins and Creatinine. Both the products can help flush out the toxins from your body, resulting in a successful test result.

  1. Detox drinks

If the vitamin + creatinine process sounds complicated, try purchasing readymade detox drinks from a reliable vendor. These drinks help dilute the urine and eradicate toxins from the body. However, detox drinks are available in several different brands and their effectiveness varies from a person to person. Moreover, we recommend starting the drinks a few days prior to the test and following all the instructions stated on the packaging thoroughly.

  1. Fake urine

At most occasions, an employer will only ask for the drug test and they won’t actually be there when you submit your sample. Well, this is where the fake urine comes in. if you have consumed a lot of marijuana or you feel the above detoxification methods might not work for you, then you can try the fake urine method – provided you are asked for a urine drug test and not any other type.

The synthetic or the fake urine smells just like a normal urine and is created in a laboratory. The are an ideal solution for heavy marijuana smokers who wish to pass their drug test. However, make sure the urine you use is warm but not too hot. Simply put, the temperature levels of the synthetic urine should match normal, human body ones. Be extra careful with concealing the urine bottles as you do not want to be caught playing deceitful. Right!

Before the actual test

Additionally, if you are unsure of the results, buy an at-home drug testing kit to see if you have successfully eliminated marijuana from your system. Although, the kits can be expensive but for assurance, they are worth the investment.

Final words

Stay calm and practice meditation techniques before the actual test. Try to get plenty of sleep the night before and eliminate any stressors you might be facing. Take deep breaths and visualize positive results. Remember, you are not the first, or the last person to face a drug test.  In fact, you are not the only one who has an impending drug test that they are unsure of. So stay calm and hope for the best.

The above techniques, if applied accurately are very helpful. Give them a try and let us know how they work for you! good luck!