How Often Should I Do Cupping for Cellulite?

A brief definition for Cupping and Cellulite

Cupping– It is a body therapy process done locally by creating suction on the skin using heated glass cups. Cupping is believed to stimulate the flow of energy around the body. It relieves back and neck pains, muscle tension, fatigue, anxiety, and cellulite.

Cellulite– This is simply a combination of fat cells that causes a bunch underneath the skin resulting in a dimpled appearance on the surface of the skin. Cellulite is not a disease but it’s a common skin condition especially among women and sometimes to fat men. The dimpled appearance affects certain of the hips, legs, buttocks, and abdomen. Women are often embarrassed by this appearance and try to get rid of them or rather reduce their appearance.

Nevertheless, cellulite can be reduced by performing the cupping massage on the affected area of the skin. When stressed by the cellulite Hire mobile Therapists who are qualified and able to offer effective cupping for cellulite? When an effective cupping therapy is applied on the dimpled appearance on the skin the reverse pressure and suction help the cellulite to break up. Cupping promotes efficient quick elimination of the toxic combination of fat that causes cellulite. This reduces the appearance of dimpled skin.

This is how often you should do the cupping for cellulite:

  1. Cupping will be more effective when performed in multiple sessions over a desired period. This will vary with the desired result depending on the type of work needed and the level of toxins in the body.
  2. Cupping can be done regularly as often as two times a week. When the cupping therapy is done, it leaves the skin with some noticeable bruises. It’s good to let the bruises heal before you visit the therapist again, to avoid pain and skin damage which can result in painful scars on the skin.
  3. It will also depend on the diagnosis the therapist has done. This will determine whether to do it daily, a couple of days a week, or once a week depending on the level of appearance.
  4. This can be done depending on the type of skin. There are different types of skin this is determined by the softness or oiliness of the skin. On soft skin which is dry skin cupping can be more effective to reduce cellulite faster than oily skin. So to dry skin cupping can be done even once a week but for oily skin, cupping can be done regularly depending on the gravity of the cellulite.
  5. As soon as the dimple appearance fades or reduces you can continue with therapy until they vanish completely. Once the cellulite is noticed earlier it can be eliminated with a few days of cupping therapy. This is because the combination of fat has not built up strongly on its appearance so the heat and pressure will break up the cellulite during the cupping therapy.
  6. When the cellulite becomes so visible it leads to stress, so it will be best for you to do cupping daily. Daily cupping will quicken the reduction of dimpled appearance on the skin and this will reduce stress to the affected person. Daily cupping sessions should last for at most 5 minutes to avoid bruises.
  7. It depends on your health. A healthy person can have cupping therapy once or twice a week for general health and quick cellulite break up. If cupping therapy is needed for a person with medical conditions like high blood pressure, infertility, skin infection, diabetes or any other medical condition the proper cupping therapy and the number of sessions will be planned by the therapist depending on your medical condition.
  8. Also, the number of times to have cupping therapy will depend on your availability to attend the therapy sessions. This will be agreed of specified times in a week or a month according to your or the therapist’s availability. By this, there will be a scheduled time to determine how often you should do the cupping therapy.
  9. Due to some unhealthy and much eating cupping should be done daily because the toxic fat accumulates in a faster range inside the body. Eating food with much fat and proteins will cause cellulite to develop. So if one can’t avoid taking these kinds of food you can do cupping to cellulite therapy regularly. This will help to eject this toxic fat from the blood thus eliminating the cellulite.
  10. Cellulite cupping therapy can be done depending on how much you hate the cellulite. It can be done 8 minutes per day by applying oil on the cellulite area then slide a suctioned silicon cup over your skin on the cellulite area.
  11. Lastly, it depends on you. cupping for cellulite how many times a week also depend on your interest and willingness to reduce or remove cellulite? You have to commit yourself and do it with a decided mind. Persistence to something becomes a habit. When cupping for cellulite becomes your habit so do the cellulite break up quickly.


Cupping therapy is a good method for breaking up the cellulite. Cellulite Is not a disease so it can be reduced and be eliminated by doing an often cupping massage. If you have cellulite try cupping therapy. Worried or stressed about how to do it? You don’t have to worry; you can always hire or call mobile Therapists for effective cupping therapy for cellulite. Qualified therapists will guide you on how often to attend the cupping sessions according to their diagnosis depending on the level of appearance and also your medical condition.