How to Get Rid of HPV Faster [ Home Remedies For Genital Warts ]

The genital warts are skin growths seen at the genital region and the region surrounding the anus. The genital warts are caused by some type of viruses called as human papilloma virus (HPV). There are about 100 kinds of HPV. Some types of HPV cause warts on various body parts such as the plantar warts seen on the feet and hand. Some viruses cause cancers which are called high risk HPV types. Some viruses can lead to genital warts.

The genital warts are mostly caused by two kinds of HPV known as type 6 and type 11 HPV. The genital warts can appear in the genital area, mouth, vagina, cervix, anus, rectum, penis, vulva and scrotum. The genital warts are spread from one person to another by contacting the skin of the infected. This happens usually during the sexual act. The genital warts are observed as common among the people, as about 5 lac to one million people get this every year.

Genital warts are small skin projections that are observed to be growing on the male and female genitalia. They also appear surrounding the anal region. These warts might differ in their color ranging from pink color to brown color. This coloration is based on the skin shade. This is observed as common sexually transmitted disease by virus in the United Kingdom.Thanks to advancements in medical technology, a person can screen for STDs using an at home std test. These are not only accessible and affordable but offer complete anonymity.

As per the statistics, among 91, 257 cases seen in GUM clinics, about 49,000 infections were observed in men and 42,000 were observed in women. The genital warts were recurring in about 70,000 cases.

Symptoms of genital warts

  • Genital warts are small
  • They are flesh colored spots that are flat or raised
  • The genital warts growth is similar to the cauliflower top.
  • The genital warts in females are present inside the anus or vagina
  • The genital warts in females are present outside vagina or the skin that is present nearer to the anus or vagina in females
  • Genital warts are seen on the cervix inside the body of the females
  • Genital warts in males are seen on penis, thighs, scrotum, groin area and area around the anus
  • Genital warts might appear on the tongue, lips, mouth and throat
  • The rare symptoms of genital warts are enhanced vaginal discharge, vaginal bleeding during the sex or after sex, enhanced wetness at the genital region nearby the warts and genital itching.
  • The genital warts do not appear generally two weeks to four weeks after infection has occurred. Sometimes, it might happen that months will go away for the warts to become visible.
  • Genital warts are itchy, bleed sometimes and are not painful.

Causes of genital warts

The genital warts seem to grow very fastly at the time of pregnancy. They also grow when the immune system becomes weak by diabetes, Hodgkin’s disease, chemotherapy, HIV/AIDS and by taking drugs that are taken for not rejecting of the organ transplantation.

The people with number of sexual partners are at greater risk of getting genital warts. The people who do not usually practice safe sex are also at high risk of getting genital warts. In general those who have sex have the chances of getting this problem.

  • Human papilloma virus (HPV).
  • Low risk type HPVs like type 6 and type 11.
  • Some people will carry HPV that are of low risk type and they do not know anything about it. The symptoms are not observed in these cases. In these cases, the risk of genital warts viral transmission is higher. The regular checking of the health can make you know whether the virus is present or not.
  • Unprotected sexual intercourse with the carrier can cause genital warts transmission.
  • Another transmission method might be via childbirth. When the baby travels through the birth canal, the baby might develop the mouth and throat warts called as laryngeal papillomatosis.
  • Genital warts are also caused by fomites which are objects responsible for transmitting viruses. The fomites might include the bath towels, medical instruments and so on.
  • The use of oral contraceptives or tablets for birth control can enhance the chances for causing the genital warts
  •  The genital warts can be easily contracted by smoking, stress and alcohol consumption.
  • People who have undergone surgery and any severe illness like cervical cancer will be infected mostly by the genital warts.

Home remedies for genital warts

  • Vitamin E and Garlic: Vitamin E oil can be applied on the skin surface where the infection resides. The garlic cloves can be crushed and placed on the infected area with an adhesive tape fixed on it. This paste can be replaced with a fresh one and this change can be done for two times per day. This process can be repeated for a week. The antimicrobial properties of garlic will allow the infection to subside. The vitamin E oil applied on the skin will keep the surrounding area to the infected region also as healthy. The infection spread is prevented by vitamin E oil.
  • The onion slices are rubbed with salt and left like that for overnight. This is later made into juice and applied on the skin over the genital warts. The spreading of genital warts can be prevented by applying this juice on the affected region as the onion has antiseptic properties.
  • The juice that is made from the stem of the figs can be used for applying on the genital warts.
  • The affected region can be applied with apple cider vinegar using a cotton ball. As it is acidic, it will clean away the skin cells that are dead lying on the surface of the genital warts. The cotton ball that is soaked in apple cider vinegar can be kept on the genital warts and an adhesive tape can be placed on it. This will make the genital wart to disappear and shrink.
  • All these home remedies have to be performed for quite some time to get better results as these methods for genital warts removal will take some time for their action to show effect.
  • The home remedies also have to be followed after consulting the doctor as some of the remedies may not suit everyone alike.
  • While following the home remedies for genital warts it is necessary to carry out several hygienic practices at this time. This will help the person not to contract secondary infections.
  • The genital warts should not be rubbed or scraped in any manner which might make the infection to spread. The area of infection has to be cleaned twice per day, morning and evening with antimicrobial soap. All other soaps and perfumed products have to be avoided as the chemicals will start irritating the skin with their use.
  • The usage of under wears that are made of synthetic material can start irritating the skin surrounding the warts and this will cause discomfort.
  • The foods that are rich in beta carotene and folic acid have to be consumed. Lots of green leafy vegetables have to be taken.
  • The genital warts can be treated by using homeopathic medicines prepared using herbal extracts. Wartrol is the herbal extract, which functions on vaginal warts that are present internally as this solution is taken orally. The results can be seen after a couple of weeks.
  • Castor oil: This oil is extracted from the plant, which is scientifically called as Ricinus communis. This oil can be applied on the skin of the genital warts for about thrice per day. This oil has to be mixed with peppermint oil or any other sweet smelling oil. This is because the castor oil has an odor that is unpleasant.
  • Putting a hot needle on the genital wart will burn the wart. The sewing needle can be placed in the flame for about 10-seconds. Then it has to be kept on the genital warts. But this would be painful and hence have to carry out this carefully.
  • Application of hydrogen peroxide is also another remedy for getting rid of genital warts.
  • The use of dental floss tying around the warts also was able to make the genital warts to dry up and fall off. Looping the dental floss around the genital wart is also effective method.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables such as mangoes, radish, spinach, tomato, squash, cabbage and many more. Decreased intake of processed foods and increased intake of fresh fruits will be helpful.