How to keep veins healthy

Handling & tackling your veins or minor varicose / spider veins does not have to be hard anymore. All it takes is bit awareness & a bit willpower to enforce few beneficial things. For example: exercise, compression therapy, any herbal supplement regime, & some vein-friendly food & drink to improve how one’s legs feel & work on the inside.

Veins in Need.

Our all veins work tirelessly to take deoxygenated blood back to the heart. And unlike their larger, thicker, much more muscular circulatory relatives — the arteries — these veins are very stretchy & incredibly thin. When they become so stretchy, they can not perform their blood-returning duties well & the vein’s valves cannot close properly. Hence, blood begins flowing backward — & that is when the first signs of vein disease — the feelings of being “hardened” begin. However, one easily can ward off vein disease or slow its progression & ease those irritating feelings by doing some things one probably is doing on a regular basis already — eating & drinking.

Few foods & beverages have been deemed vein-friendly based on main ingredients shown to improve circulation & strengthen vein walls. So now that one is feeling slightly more in control of one’s vein destiny, let us take a look at the foods & drinks that show one’s legs the greatest love.


Feed the need.

It goes without saying that having a healthy diet on daily basis keeps one, well, regular & motoring along with fewer bumps & grinding halts. And for those folks who are predisposed to varicose veins or have them already, tweaking their diet with foods rich in bioflavonoids are particularly beneficial to improving vein health overall.

Bioflavonoids, also considered as the James Bond-like – Vitamin P, not merely give the pigment that put the color in flowers & fruits but also aid reduce varicose veins owing to their abundant antioxidant & anti-inflammatory qualities – which have been shown to diminish well swelling & strengthen the collagen (i.e. connective tissue) within vein walls. This stabilizing influence on veins positively affects flow as a stronger wall makes for a great passageway.

To go even deeper, oxerutins may aid in relieving the pain & swelling that accompany much more severe varicose vein cases. Actually, oxerutins are bioflavonoids obtained from rutin. When they are partnered with quality doses of vitamin C – another antioxidant & cell protector – bioflavonoids get even bigger goosebumps. That is why vitamin C-carrying & oxerutin-rich fruits ( citrus fruits ) are at the top of the vein friendly food leaderboard.

The following are veggies, fruits & other nutrients for varicose vein sufferers who desire to become better varicose vein or veins’ pain managers:


Citrus Fruits

Cherries, Black Currants & Grapes


Tropical Fruits


Red Bell Peppers




Brussels Sprouts



Fiber-rich foods

Lots of Water

Green Tea

Bottom line

Keep in mind, eating & drinking right is the way to healthier veins is merely one way to take control of one’s vein situation. Professional help is definitely needed. To tackle veins related pain permanently, find solutions for vein issues here.