How Your Teeth Affect The Length and Shape of Your Face

Have you ever noticed why some elderly people have shorter face than we do? Or, why your grand pa or grand ma’s face looks sagging or drooping than yours?

Any guess? Well, they may have lost their teeth. And you know all your facial charms and appearance are greatly dependent on your teeth.

Without teeth, your face will not look as long as it naturally is. For that reason, old people have that kind of face, particularly those with no teeth inside their mouth.

Clearly, your teeth are not only responsible for letting you eat or chew properly but can also affect the length and shape of your face. If they can help you maintain a youthful appearance, they can also make you look older to your age.

Your teeth and the aesthetic of your face 

Elderly people are a prime example of how teeth can affect the aesthetic of your face. Since their teeth are missing, it feels as if their face is compressed. This is due to the smaller jawbones in the wake of missing teeth.

Let’s look at how teeth can impact the appearance of your face –

  • When your have all the teeth intact, you’re able to open the mouth till it hits on the teeth, so the face looks longer
  • And when all your teeth are lost, you mouth will not be able to hit on the teeth, which makes to swoop down further to make the face appear shorter
  • for that reason, when people keep on their dentures, they are able to maintain a firm face; but when they take off dentures, their face starts looking shorter
  • The mouth also looks a bit puckered inward when there are not teeth because the lips and nose have nothing to get support from
  • Your nose and chin can come closer in the absence of teeth as there is nothing inside to hold the jaw bones apart

Reasons your face looks shorter   

It’s clearly evident to you how there is a strong correlation between your face and teeth. If just can’t look beautiful unless all the teeth are intact inside the mouth. With missing teeth, it is never possible to look your age and your face droops considerably.

Here are things that can make your face look shorter –

1- Missing teeth

If you have missing teeth, or when your teeth are lost, it could affect the natural size of your face. Losing the back teeth is more harmful as it’s the area where most of the force happens when we bite down on something. Age is no bar as anyone at any age can lose teeth and start looing older than their actual age. So, it’s always advisable to maintain daily oral care and keep having a perfect face.

  1. Jaw Clenching & Teeth Grinding

If you clench your jaw or grind your teeth regularly, it could then put you at a risk of having a shorter face. Because, both the habits are harmful, and they can wear away the tooth structure over time. There will be danger of enamel erosion as well, and all this can make the teeth shorter which often has an affect on the whole face in future.

3 – Cavities

If you don’t take cavities seriously, you’re then in for surprise. Because, they can eat away your tooth structure together with posing issues with your bite as well. The effects are more or some same as with dental alignment. This can wear away your tooth or enamel gradually making your face appear shorter. So, don’t allow your dental problems, cavities in particular, to take away the real beauty of your face.

4 – Bite issues    

Bite issues are inevitable when you lose teeth or when your teeth drift. With missing teeth, there is always a risk of empty spaces being occupied by the neighbouring teeth. This drifting takes away the natural alignment between the upper and lower set of teeth. And when that happens, there will always be a deeper bite which eventually leads to a shorter face.

For any dental issue, it’s good to visit only the best dental clinic so that you can maintain your facial beauty and smile easily. If you are looking for one, an orthodontist in Fredericksburg, VA can definitely aid you with your dental problems.


Praveen Singh is a writer and blogger, and a professional interested in sharing interesting ideas with the world. His blogs give a peek into things that aim to inform, enrich and entertain the readers. He loves sharing views on anything that provides value to the readers and helps broaden their horizon.