Limitless Nootropic Alternatives

The human body even in its highest state of performance is always held back by the mere fact that we are humans. To achieve the impossible, we might have to push our bodies and minds beyond human limitations. This is not a road some many people want to travel on. Unwilling to go through the stress and searching for fast results, many people seek quick alternatives which are of course where enhancement drugs come in. While there are so many types of, there seems to be one which can be regarded as the ultimate enhancement substance; the limitless nootropic, limitless pill or NZT-48 as it is popularly called. We will briefly consider what this drug is and BestNootropicsNow’s alternatives to it.

The Limitless Pill; A Basic Overview

If you have seen the 2011 classic, “Limitless” you probably know what the pill we are talking about is already. The fictional drug lives up to its name and can be regarded as the ultimate enhancement drug which transforms your body and mind and gives you superhuman abilities. For lack of a better way to describe it, you can regard what the limitless pill does as hacking your brain and unlocking its capabilities to the fullest.

This magical pill is believed to be able to give users an elevated state of an awareness thus helping them to reach a heightened state of physical ability. In addition to this, Limitless pills are expected to turn users with pretty much average IQ to super-fast learners helping them to learn things that are otherwise impossible at a very fast rate.

With all these positives the question on your mind is probably where is the closest drugstore I can get the limitless pill. Bubble Bust! It’s nothing more than fiction!!!The next best thing to the NZT-48 from the movie which you can find in real life are Nootropics, which are supplements and drugs that improve cognitive functioning and enhances human abilities such as memory, creativity, reasoning, and intelligence.(click here to find out more Nootropics)

Here are some of the most popular substitute for the limitless pill according to BestNooTropics.



Since 1998, Modafinil has been in use in the United States. While it was initially being prescribed as a treatment for narcolepsy, it was soon discovered to be able to improve cognitive functioning and may very well enhance your drive for work as well as your mental capacity to do things effectively. Since realizing it, many people have been using Modafinil as a powerful wakefulness increasing agent.

Modafinil is indeed one of the closest alternatives to NZT-48 in real life. Mere moments after taking this drug, users admit to being able to enjoy doing even the most tedious work with a heightened level of problem-solving capabilities. This drug is also believed to work without clouding your mind and will even further improve focus making it easier to work even in a sleep deprived state.

One of the best things about Modafinil is that it is still legally considered a prescription drug which means you can speak to your physician to get a description or check for online vendors that sells genuine Nootropics


Adderall is on a regular day a prescription drug for ADHD in some countries like the United States. This drug also has capabilities to perform just as well as the limitless pill. It is also believed that this drug is used consistently and is the favorite for many students who rely on drugs to get an edge in their academics.

However, asides being potentially addictive which is one of the main downsides of using Adderall, it can also potentially cause cardiovascular disorders and among a long list of many other side effects.


This Nootropic has now become one of the most popular alternatives to the limitless pill you can find around. Among other potential benefits, this drug should help improve focus and concentration, and it is believed that it might also provide mild stimulation to users.

Noopept is also believed to have helped users improve on their memory retention almost immediately after using it, and it might also be able to improve the verbal articulation thus improving one’s social skill. You read up on the benefits and side effects of Noopept on


Otherwise referred to as Piracetam, Racetams is another group of nootropics which has been widely in use since the 1960s and was one of the very first wonder drugs of its type. While many users tout the effectiveness of this drug, it has been shown from studies that this drug does very little when compared to the “limitless pill” and is not quite as effective. A variant of it known as Phenylpiracetam was also listed in the year 2016 by the World Anti-doping Agency as a potentially harmful status. Athletes can also not make use of this drug because it is believed to have enhanced stimulation. Non-athletes are however open to try it out. It might not be your typical limitless Nootropic, but it has stimulating effects also.

Other Popular Alternatives

popular alternatives

In addition to the discussed alternatives, you can also explore other almost equally effective options such as Mind Lab Pro or Qualia. Another popular nootropic which comes just as close to the other alternatives on this list of even more is Cocaine. Its stimulating capabilities are similar to what you get with drugs like Adderall and Modafinil.

Although it has been proven to be unhealthy, with an extensive list of potential long-term side effects, cocaine can improve the productivity of users, and boost intuition, reaction time and even charisma pretty much the same way the NZT-48 does.

Alternatively, on your own you can whip up a combination that delivers the clarity, and mental fortitude nootropics deliver by making use of a combination of caffeine and L-theanine. While this isn’t fully scientifically studied, it is a viable alternative worth considering.

The plain truth is that the much-hyped limitless pill might simply be nothing more than a smart script writer’s impressive imagination. No drug we know today completely fits the bill. Of course, advancements in technology might take us to that one day, but for now, these are the best alternatives around.