My New Favorite Workout Machine: The Rowing Machine

There are a lot of great machines out there for people to utilize for their workouts, but they’re arguably is none more underrated than the rowing machine. A strong statement, I know! But, within this article, I will explain the many reasons why it is such a useful tool and hopefully convince you to give it a try. 

Foremost, constantly sitting down through the day in an incorrect posture can do a number on your ability to maintain a good posture and also can put a lot of strain on your back. Through rowing, you can build a strong core and upper body muscles to counteract this as it strengthens your back, obliques, pectoral and abdominal muscles.  The benefits don’t stop there as due to the grip needed on the oars to complete the exercise, it helps develop your arms and wrists which makes it easier to carry heavy items, complete stronger lifts, and is also beneficial to activities such as climbing or yoga. It also works out your quads, glutes, and calves which helps tone these muscles, build better balance when walking or running, and allow for better flexibility. Due to its ability to work both upper and lower body muscles, you can see results more quickly in comparison to treadmills or ellipticals, due to how efficient the machine is in building these groups.

Secondly, it is a machine that can be used by practically anyone as it is safe, simple to use, and low impact; it allows you to burn calories while allowing you to dictate the level of pace and doesn’t involve putting a large amount of stress on your joints. For these reasons, it is an excellent tool of choice for the elderly or someone with pre-existing injuries. The rowing machine is an excellent way to build muscle mass, lower body fat, improve cholesterol levels in an effective and safe way. It is also a good alternative to something like high-intensity treadmill workouts where it is not uncommon for people to injure their ankles and knees by moving too quickly.

Next, let’s talk about two main major factors that many readers likely care about; affordability and convenience. While there are definitely some high-end rowing machines out there that are quite costly, there are also many affordable ones as well and it is definitely possible to find one on a rowing machine that is of good quality and has extensive features for under a few hundred dollars. Moreover, sometimes getting to the gym is half the battle especially if you’re tired from work, don’t want to spend the time to travel, or especially with summer ending; simply finding it too cold to make the trek to the gym. The great thing about the rowing machine is that there are many on the market that are of a reasonable size which allows you to use it in the comfort and convenience of your own place which makes it an appealing option. When owing one it is possible to get a good-quality full-body workout without having to leave the house.

So in summary, there are a ton of reasons why the rowing machine is a great fitness option for many. It can help you build a strong upper body and lower body, while also enhancing your aerobic capabilities while not putting excessive pressure on your joints which makes it useful for anyone especially those of older age or with pre-existing injuries. On top of this, it is affordable and convenient to have within one’s home make it an excellent choice for anyone to consider.