Nasal Inhalers To Improve Breathing Techniques

There are people who just don’t get as lucky, you know what I mean? Like, some would just get really frizzy hair for no reason. There are also those who gain weight considerably just from eating a spoonful of ice cream and those who seem to be losing weight as they dive their noses into a tub full of Ben & Jerry’s.

What I’m trying to say is that our bodies are not created in the same way. There are subtle differences in our features and functions. Aside from just the visible differences like facial features or skeletal structure, our internal workings may also be different from one another. Read more about these subtle differences here:

For example, you can be bestowed with a terribly sensitive nose – and it’s getting in the way of your everyday life!

I Have A Sensitive Nose, What Do I Do?

With the abundance of allergens and irritants surrounding us in this urban jungle that we live in, more and more people develop nasal problems. Some become allergic to smoke and dust while others get a clogged nose due to viral infections. There is no way to evade these nasal stressors because most (if not all) pathogens are air-borne. In other words, the only way you can really be sure that you’re 100% safe is to not breathe in either your nose or mouth. And that’s quite impossible, isn’t it?

Instead of trying to get away from everything that might aggravate your nose’s sensitivity – which is impossible unless you try to quarantine yourself, by the way – you may want to consider looking for a counter for it. I mean, wouldn’t it make sense to work on your body’s defences rather than strategize your escape for something that simply has no escaping to? Most irritants of the olfactory system are carried in the air we breathe so it’s pretty futile to escape.

With that being said, how about improving the way you breathe with the help of Nasal Inhalers?

What Are Nasal Inhalers?

Nasal Inhalers are pocket-sized scented sticks that can help clear or calm your airways. To use it, you basically just remove the cover and bring the inhaler near your nose to let the soothing aroma seep into your nasal cavity. Because it’s pocket-size, it’s easy to carry around. You can conveniently put it in one of your side pockets or tuck it away in your pouch or bag. Whenever you feel like your nose is congested or when your head feels heavy, you can easily reach out for this nifty product and start feeling better in a matter of seconds!

Wait, it works for headaches and dizziness too?

Well, by a large part, our olfactory system heavily impacts our brain. It receives external stimuli that can be processed very easily by our nervous system. This is why when we experience headaches or dizziness, intervening through the nasal glands is an effective way to soothe your suffering. The stimulus that you send through the nose can be perceived by the brain faster – thus, the fast-acting relief. If you want to know more, this article is sure to help you out. 

This is why several companies have decided to diversify their approach to nasal inhaler products. If you’ve ever used this product, then you should be familiar with the menthol one already. Most nasal inhalers are menthol. This is because menthol scents are stronger and they break through the mucus when you’re having trouble with a clogged nose. However, if you’re not really looking to “de-clog” your nasal cavity and would rather prefer a relaxant that you can use to fight off stress and headaches, menthol inhalers may not work all too well for you.

This is where Aromatherapy Inhalers come in handy.

Aromatherapy inhalers come in a variety of natural scents that are healing and soothing at the same time. There are energy-provoking scents like citrus and milder ones that help calm the senses like lavender. These nasal inhalers do not just help improve breathing; they can considerably alter a person’s mood as well. Not to mention, the right scents can be very therapeutic and encourage clarity of mind.

If you want something to help improve your mood and breathing, then getting a pocket-sized inhaler may just be the perfect thing for you!