Top Reasons to Consider Online Counseling and Therapy If You Live in Austin

Austin, the capital of the state of Texas, is not only one of the largest but one among the densely populated cities in the United States as well, with almost a million residents. Situated in Central Texas, the city boasts of a strong economy, inviting neighborhoods, and exciting live music scene.

Apart from being a technology and business hub, Austin is also recognized as one of the prominent places to live in the U.S. because of its magnificent weather, employment opportunities, friendly people, and low crime rate. As such, it is not surprising that over a hundred people are packing their bags and moving to the city every day.

While living in Austin is generally blissful, it does not mean that you will be free from anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues. After all, records show that such conditions are common in the country, affecting nearly 20 percent of the adult population. If you suffer from psychological issues, here are reasons why you should consider online counseling and therapy in Austin over in-person help:


The state of Texas is struggling to provide adequate mental health care because of a lack of mental health workers and facilities, among others. One study revealed that almost 67 percent of individuals suffering from significant behavioral issues, not only in Austin but the entire state, fail to receive any form of treatment.

Given the situation, online counseling and therapy is your best bet. When you choose this method, you can access professional help anywhere in the city without having to leave your home. In fact, you can talk to a mental health specialist wherever and whenever you want when you choose online sessions.


Another reason why you should consider online mental health support is for convenience. Unlike in-person counseling that requires you to travel regularly, web-based psychological assistance only requires an internet connection.

You can talk with your counselor without having to waste your precious time getting ready or enduring traffic. As such, you are more relaxed and able to focus on the therapy sessions much better.


While many are already aware of the importance of seeking professional help for mental health issues, there is still a shame attached to it. Experts reveal that a majority of people suffering from such disorders are still uncomfortable seeking help because of shame and embarrassment.

If the stigma is preventing you from getting the help that you need, then online counseling is a win-win solution. You get to talk to a licensed therapist at the comfort of your own home, without anybody knowing.

The discreteness of online counseling sessions is also beneficial for those who suffer from physical or sexual abuse-related trauma, wherein being alone with a stranger can be distressing. One prominent clinical psychologist share that the increased perception of anonymity in this mode of therapy is powerful, considering that it prompts clients to be more open in discussing their feelings, thoughts, and pains.


Contrary to a common misconception, online psychological therapy is as effective in addressing different types of psychological issues as face-to-face treatments. A study on “Internet-Delivered Psychological Treatments,” published in the Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, revealed the usefulness and practicality of this method. The same research also showed that patients who undergo online treatments experience long-term improvements.

Given the advantages above, it is clear that you can gain a lot from web-based counseling and therapy in Austin. Apart from helping you address your mental health concerns, online help can also make the process less daunting and more comfortable for you.