Pediatric Dentists: When Should You Consult One?

Knowing how petrifying it can be for some adults to make an appointment with the dentist, many parents become concerned about dental care for the little ones. A pediatric dentist then comes to mind. However, a regular dentist will suffice unless your needs are limited to a pediatric dentist.

That is not to say that your preference for your pediatric dentist Rockville MD for your child should be swept aside. Any doctor who specializes in pediatrics has the training needed to deal with the special needs of children. If that is what informs your decision, then you should seek out the dentist you prefer for your munchkin.

When should you go to a general dentist?

The general dentist and the pediatric one have one thing in common; they are both trained in oral care and oral health. A general dentist has the skills to tackle the issues that many children face. In fact, many of them spend most of their working life taking care of children’s dental needs.

In any case, most parents would prefer to go to a dentist that the entire family can go to. While you can start your children off with a pediatric dentist, you are also quite right to take your newest addition to your regular family dentist. There is no age limit for the patients that a general dentist is qualified to care for.

However, there are circumstances that may require you to seek the services of a pediatric dentist.

When should you consult a pediatric dentist?

  • Serious dental issues in a child need the special skills of a pediatric dentist. This is because as suggested earlier, this is a dentist who is specially trained to handle children’s issues. In fact, your regular dentist may be the one to refer you to a pediatric one if the need arises. Some dental issues in a child might be beyond the training of a general dentist owing to the complexity.
  • A child with behavioral problems may be better off seeing a pediatric dentist. This is because the child stands to benefit from the advanced training that these dentists receive. They have been trained in behavior modification, thus, they are equipped with the skills to handle little screaming Tommy with the patience that a general dentist may not have. They will then be able to take care of your child’s oral health.
  • You might have a child that is rather feisty and active. Even if not diagnosed with behavioral issues, such a child might be quite the handful and might try the patience of even the most resilient of doctors. A pediatric dentist, however, might find this one to be right up his/her lane. With the specialized training they receive, they have the skills needed to calm a child down if there is need to.

While a general dentist is equipped to take care of your child’s dental needs, you might yet consider contacting your pediatric dentist Rockville MD or one that is closest to you because you want one that exclusively works with children and has the training and experience as well.


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