Talking about Braces in Middlesex County

As someone who has personally had 2 types of braces, yes two you heard right, I know all too well the ups and downs and definite pains that go along with it. I’m not saying the outcome isn’t great, but the process of getting there can get to you at times and all you want to do is just rip them out.

But hang on dear friend, all will not be lost. In no time at all, you will have that store-bought Hollywood smile while, those who did not endure the trauma, walk around with shark looking teeth that could open a can of beans with no effort at all.

If I were you, I’d suck it up and get the job done. You’ll thank me and yourself in the future.

Besides, it’s not like it was back in the day where dentists kneeled on your chest to unclip or glue on the tracks, it’s more civilized and effortless.

What are braces for your teeth?

Also known as dental braces, orthodontic cases or as the mean kids at school say ‘train tracks.’ They are used to fix the appearance of your teeth and align them according to the shape in which you bite. Click here to read the full extent of its uses and correctional procedures.

But essentially if you are not happy with the look of your teeth or smile, braces can work wonders. You might have an over or underbite, a crooked jaw from a sports injury or just want to feel more confident when speaking to people and having to smile, braces can help.

Types of braces on the market.

There is your standard, from way back when a style of metal brackets and wires were glued to your teeth and tightened and tweaked as the teeth readjust.

While these are the cheapest and probably most effective method with regards to time lengths, they are undoubtedly the most obvious.

People might feel self-conscious when wearing them, but from what I’ve seen in today’s youths, the brighter the color the more ‘hip’ you are. How times have changed.

So if you’re not in a rush, and don’t mind having luminous color bands running across your teeth, I’d say this is the best option, and certainly most cost-effective. Take a quick look at this video of how braces are put on, looks easier when you see it up close and personal.

There is the version of ceramic braces if you’re of the older demographic and not looking to draw everyone’s attention to your mouth.

It has the same principle as the metal braces but is made of a ceramic material that is blended to the natural color of the teeth thus making them less noticeable if at all. They are, however, a little pricier than the metal for obvious reasons.

Then there is what’s known as Lingual braces, these are metal braces at the back of your teeth. Not as popular an option, and hardly recommended by dentists as the results are not as great and they can tend to be more difficult to clean.

Invisalign, or what resembles a retainer essentially, is the one I used and highly recommend. Besides the cost which is far from cheap, there are so many benefits.

I could wear it anytime day and night and nobody would even notice, it didn’t affect speech, didn’t cause me to drool excessively and popped out in a second if I needed to eat. Drinking I did mostly through a straw just to prevent having to take them out all the time. They worked like a charm.

Most people will go through around 15-25 aligners depending on the severity of your teeth, each a different shape and individually straightening your smile. You won’t even feel it.

All it feels like is when you put on a newly washed pair of jeans and they’re all stiff and tight, but after a few wears they’re back to the shape of your body and its smooth sailing. Same with the retainers, it also indicates that your appointment to change it is coming up soon.

5 Benefits of having braces.

  • Straight and narrow. 90% of the population’s reason is for their teeth to be straight. The shape of the actual tooth won’t change but they’ll be soldiers lined up in your mouth.
  • Gaps. They can help fill unwanted gaps of the teeth as they’re all pushed together and aligned giving a smoother all-round appearance.
  • Dental health. People who have an overbite can have more serious consequences in the future if it’s not sorted out. Actions, like grinding teeth and causing chips to the tooth front, can all occur if the problem persists.
  • Prevent gum disease. Under flossing in dental hygiene can lead to build up and cause gum disease in an overcrowded mouth and teeth positioning.
  • Confidence. My favorite advantage when it comes to braces, the boost in self-awareness and confidence doubles and the person feels reborn again. An amazing sight to witness.

How to choose an orthodontist for braces.

Googling all the practices in your area can take forever, and who’s to say who is best besides their position on the first page? Try asking your regular dentist for a recommendation, he would know the practices and probably even the orthodontists if it’s a small town.

A practice that has a dentist who specializes in orthodontics won’t be shy in sharing this information, they would have studied longer and honed their skills.

If a practice with this quality sounds like what you’re looking for, be sure to visit braces Middlesex County and receive the service you deserve. They are committed to your needs and your family and providing an overall stress-free experience.

Word of mouth and getting recommendations is a great way to sift out the good seeds, especially if you come from a close-knit community, people like to talk. Reading reviews on the options you’ve written down will give you an insight into how other customers have felt after leaving the practice and if it’s one to consider.

Have an initial consultation to get a feel for the orthodontist and the practice, if you’re not feeling it, book another one at a different venue. You’ll know when it feels good, take your time.

Perfect teeth are worth the effort.