Test Clear Reviews: How you can pass a marijuana drug test

Have you ever lost your job because your test came back positive for marijuana? Well, drug test is a topic that most people usually don’t like talking about or hearing, especially those working in industries that always practice random drug tests.

Even after marijuana has been legalized in some places, whether you are using it for medical or recreational purposes you can still lose your job if you happen to be working in a private company as they still conduct random drug test and marijuana or weed as commonly known in other areas is still the list for the commonly tested drugs. This is why you need to learn how you can pass this drug test.

The type of drug test

For you to be on the safe side, you need to first know what type of drug test is going to be conducted. You don’t want to get ready for a blood test or saliva when the test being conducted is urinalysis.

Of course, the common type of drug test is urinalysis as it accounts for 75% of all the drug tests followed by blood and hair tests which takes about 24%. Saliva can also be used for drug testing however, it is not that common.

Drug tests can usually be done at your place of work or in a lab somewhere away from where you work. Some employers might also prefer conducting the test by themselves as they can easily get the self-testing kits from chemists or any other medical facilities. Anyway, this post will focus mainly on urinalysis. You can also visit the Test Clear Reviews website for info.

Cleaning your system

For you to be able to pass a drug test, you need to get the drug off your system and keep clean right? But how do you do this? Well, there have been a lot of stories going around about using some other substances to clean your system off marijuana.

These includes drinking cranberry juice, vinegar, bleach, niacin, ginger root tea among others. Even drinking a lot of water cannot help getting marijuana off your system. These home remedies are usually not effective, you will just be wasting your time as they don’t usually work.

You can go ahead and try them yourself, after all, seeing is believing right? Anyway, below are some of the things you can try as they have been proven to work and can help you beat a marijuana drug test.

Things you can do to pass a marijuana drug test

  • Natural detox for about 30 days

If you have been eating well and you have been able to maintain a good health, then it is possible for you to clean up your system naturally without using any home remedies. In about 4 to 6 weeks, you can go back to being clean through maintaining a proper diet and a bit of exercise. This is just enough to get you back in shape.

  • Using natural detoxification products

Instead of using the home remedies we mentioned above, you can find a natural detoxification product which is much safer and use it for about 2 to 3 days. Theses detoxification products are usually suitable for those people scheduled to take the test in less than a month. This will only take like a week to get that THC out of your system.

These products usually comprise of a few herbal supplements mixed with a healthy detox diet that helps to clean up both your urine and blood off any toxins. You can then get yourself a drug test kit and use it to check yourself at home first before going for the actual test.

  • Using a same day cleanser

Just as the name suggests, you can also get a cleanser that can help you clean up your system in about 24hrs. Just in case you receive a surprise email notifying you about a possible drug test in a few days’ time, you can go for a temporary cleanser and use it to flush out the toxins from your body.

Note that this is only temporary as it only works on the bladder and the urinary tract. This will only last for like 6 hours thus you need to take a sample within this period and keep it for the test.

marijuana test

Well, these are just among the few things that can help you pass your marijuana drug test and probably keep your job. Well, even though we talked about drinking a lot of water not helping you, it does but over a period of time.

You don’t expect to take marijuana today and drink gallons of water to make you clean by tomorrow, right? You also need to stay away from junk food as they might only worsen the situation. Drinking lemon juice might also help and please don’t forget to do a few exercises and eat the leafy greens.

This way you will just be good to go, or better yet, you can simply abstain from taking marijuana and be safe. Click here to get more information on how to get drugs out of your system and keep clean.