The benefits of a folding wheelchair.


Getting around in a wheelchair can really make a seniors life so much easier and comfortable. Not having to walk or get up when its difficult, besides for it being easy, it is also more safe. When a senior walks and they have trouble, they risk falling which studies show has increased in the last few years. So when a senior gets into this type of situation, it smart to be in a wheelchair. However, the question is, what type of wheelchair. The two people to keep in mind when purchasing a wheelchair is the patient and the person pushing it.

Lots of times, the person who has to push the manual wheelchair is over looked. And sometimes it can even be a spouse of the senior where it might not be that easy to push to begin with. So a few things to keep in mind is, to purchase a folding wheelchair, which makes things so much easier when having to get it in and out of a car. Making sure it is also lightweight can make it that much easier. Some wheelchairs come with added accessories, if its not need, then theres no reason to have them, as it just makes it more difficult for the person having to get it in and out of a car.

But obviously, the number one concern, is the patient themselves. Making sure they have the right size is absolute importance. Having the correct leg rests as well as the correct arm rests, will make all the difference in the patience comfortability. There are elevated leg rests or swing away leg rests as well as full length arm rests or desk arms. An extremely important thing to keep in mind is the seat. If the patent will be sitting for long periods of time, a good comfortable cushion is highly recommended to avoid sores.