The Best Medicine for Insomnia Is the One That Works For You

The only thing that can best be associated with insomnia is a waking nightmare. It is feared by many because being deprived of sleep is even scarier than any nightmare you can imagine.  If you can’t sleep no matter what position you take or what you do, you tend to become anxious about the situation which makes it even less likely for you to sleep. Good for you there are medications out there that are not only natural but are also as effective compared to those that you can get from a doctor’s prescription.  Try to take a Valerian or three grams Melatonin through a cup of hot milk and it will surely make you feel sleepy.  But then again the results may vary from case to case.

Start By Amending Your Life Style
You may not believe this but the best medicine for insomnia is not necessarily being in the form of a pill or a drink.  This is because there are a lot of reasons that can lead to sleepless nights, which include unhealthy lifestyle practices like smoking and drinking too much coffee. If you want a natural way of treating your insomnia, having a healthy lifestyle is the one that you should try first.  You should do your best to eliminate or cut down your consumption of caffeine and nicotine while you increase your intake of unprocessed foods like vegetables and fruits.  You should also try to be active and make it certain that you have some time for exercise every day.  But before trying to reach for those pills you should consult your doctor first just to make it certain that there are no psychological factors that are involved in your insomnia.

Herbs And Supplements
In most cases, the most effective way to get rid of you insomnia is from a treatment that does not need a doctor’s prescription at all. Before going to those chemical-based medications, make sure that you have tried herbal medicines. If you do not know where to purchase some of them, you can search the internet or go to Amazon and you will sure to find some relevant information there.  A great example of this is the Suan Zao Ren that is used by the Chinese as their traditional treatment for sleep disorders.  This herb became famous not only in China but all over the world for its effectiveness in treating anxiety and restlessness.  But then again, despite the fact that they are natural, you should make it certain that you consulted your doctor beforehand just to be safe.

Learn To Relax
You can also change the way you sleep by developing a bedtime routine.  That is why before going to sleep; you should make it certain that you engage in some activities to make you relaxed.  There are some cases where a warm bath can be very helpful to make you sleep well.  You can also take a soothing tea while listening to a tranquil music before going to sleep because it will definitely help you becoming sleepy.  Do not do things that will just make your brain active like watching movies or playing games on smartphones because you should clear your mind from any thoughts to help you sleep a lot faster.