The Easiest Way to Kill That Hangover

It was you against your favorite drink last night… and the drink (or two, or three) won. Your headaches, your body hurts all over, and the thought of food makes you want to ride the porcelain bus. Your body is very dehydrated, and lacking vital nutrients it needs to recover. The great news is: there is a fast, easy way to beat your hangover. Bounce back from the nastiest of hangovers right away with IV Therapy.

What Is Iv Therapy?

IV therapy is a personalized treatment that allows your body to receive important nutrients and minerals without going through your digestive system. It provides a higher dose of nutrients that your body would normally absorb on its own. There are a wide variety of treatments available that have numerous benefits depending on your health and wellness goals.

How Does Iv Therapy Help Cure A Hangover?

When you drink alcohol, your body becomes dehydrated. The alcohol itself depletes your system of water, while still tricking your mind into thinking you’ve had something to drink. This lack of water can cause your muscles to cramp or feel sore, which causes pain into the next day. Rehydrating is essential to reduce these symptoms from drinking alcohol; however, most people can’t drink enough water to replenish what they’ve lost.

What’s the solution? IV Therapy focuses on rehydration to help your body recover and prevent body aches. It provides substantially more hydration and nutrients than you get with drinking water alone.

Too much alcohol can also irritate the lining in the stomach, causing nausea and even vomiting as a hangover. This irritation lowers your blood sugar, causing you to feel weak, tired, and changes in mood. You also have a lower quality of sleep after you’ve been drinking, even if you feel like you’ve had a deep sleep. This causes you to wake up fatigued.

What’s the solution? “The Remedy” nutrient IV for hangovers includes glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that specifically targets nausea and body aches.

Why Use Iv Therapy?

IV therapy is more effective as a hangover remedy than water alone due to a rich nutritive profile designed to help your body receive maximum health benefits with the shortest recovery time. It can be used as a one-time antidote or booked regularly for long-term health and wellness benefits. IV Therapy can be individually designed to fit the needs of the client, helping with issues such as muscle recovery, stress relief, weight management, or immunity from sickness or disease.

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IV therapy replenishes nutrients so your body can function at its highest potential. The Remedy IV therapy is designed to target the toughest symptoms of a hangover to get you up and moving again. If you experience severe symptoms of a hangover after drinking, consider IV therapy to help you get back on track quickly.  Of course, is constant substance abuse becomes an impediment to your work or home life, please seek professional assistance.