Top 5 Tips to Consider Before a Brazilian Wax

Brazilian waxing is a highly sought-after form of waxing. Many people enjoy getting it done regularly, especially during the Summer months.

For those of you that are considering it but haven’t yet experienced a Brazilian wax, you will want to know a few things. There are certain tips that you need to follow beforehand, during, and after your wax.

There’s no need for alarm. However, these tips will help maximize the efficiency of your Brazilian wax as well as reduce the potential pain you may experience. (Not remove; just reduce!)

Read on to learn about our top five tips to consider before a Brazilian wax!

#1 – Don’t Shave Your Hair Shorter than ¼ of an Inch

The mistake many people make before a Brazilian wax is to shave their hair as short as possible. Unfortunately, if you shave it too short, the wax won’t be able to pick it up anymore.

The ideal length to shave your hair, regardless of where it is on your body, is ¼ of an inch. This length is just enough for the wax to pick up the hairs while also being short enough to not sting too much when ripped out.

Leaving your hair longer than this can be just as bad as shortening it. Longer hairs will cause more pain and have a higher risk of rupturing your pores. So, to avoid both sides of the issue, aim for the ¼ of an inch length as best you can.

#2 – Wait Until Two Weeks After Your Period

Obviously, your skin is much more sensitive during your period. This is not just for your private body portions either. Your entire body becomes overactive during this time of the month.

NisimInc recommends that you wait two weeks after your period is the ideal time for a Brazilian wax. This is because the two weeks gives you enough time to recover from your period as well as giving you around two more weeks to recover from your wax before your next period.

Some people choose to get waxed around period-time. If you can handle the pain or even enjoy it for whatever reason, then go ahead. There’s no particular danger involved. It just hurts more!

#3 – Clean Yourself Up Before You Go

There are myths that you shouldn’t have a shower on the same day as your wax. Ignore those myths!

For a start, whoever performs your waxing will be quite appreciative of your cleanliness as they will need to get quite close and personal to you. Smelling nice will certainly improve the enjoyment of their work.

On top of that, the warm or hot water used in taking a shower or bath will open up your pores, causing the waxing process to be much easier and less painful. For further efficiency, try using a mild exfoliant during your bathing process as well.

#4 – Expect Pain

No matter what you do to prepare for your Brazilian wax, it is going to hurt! Some people feel more pain than others but almost everyone does feel pain. (Aside from those with nerve damage, obviously)

While it is good to take every precaution to ensure the pain is minimal, you will need to be prepared to hold still during the waxing process. You should also prepare for the possibility that some straggling hairs will need to be removed with tweezers. That isn’t a walk in the park either!

#5 – Don’t Go Straight to the Beach After Your Brazilian Wax!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, don’t expect to be ready to swim right after your wax! In fact, we wouldn’t recommend going out at all for the rest of the day at least!

The waxing process leaves your skin quite sensitive. Jumping in the water straight after will cause serious stinging pain. (Another reason why showering beforehand is ideal) Give yourself at least a day or two to recover.

So, there you have it. These were our top 5 tips to consider before a Brazilian wax. I hope these come in very handy for those of you who are new to Brazilian waxing. Good luck and enjoy showing off your body!