Top Three Ideas for a Romantic Proposal

Are you looking for the best ways to get that “Yes” from your lover? Do you need help in creating that perfect moment to ask that question that will change your life forever? Come on board as we take you through some of the best ways to get that woman to marry you.

Every girl wants a romantic proposal. We have heard stories of girls who have turned down their man for lacking creativity while popping the big question. No girl wants that moment to be quickly forgotten so no matter how well you knew your woman, you may get a “No” if your game is not right. Thus, setting the romantic atmosphere is key.

So how do you make the moment special before you ask the big question? Take a clue from the following tips and create something unique that will make your woman off her feet.

Message in a Bottle Proposal

Have you heard of the message in a bottle? This beautiful proposal format has been around for a while now and has continually amazed with the brides.

This style is fun, romantic and very simple to set up.

If you are looking for passionate and unique proposal ideas, a message in a bottle proposal is an excellent idea to try. It’s simple, romantic and fun.

All you need to do is get an antique bottle and a parchment paper. Craft a unique proposal that is very romantic in the paper. Put the paper in the bottle and bury it somewhere in the beach.

Note: Make sure you can quickly locate the spot where you bury the bottle.

Take your lover for a walk on the beach after you have put everything in place. As you guys stroll casually through the beach, spot the bottle top and tell her to dig it up. Let her open the bottle and read the letter while you get down on your knee with the ring on your hand.

She will keep the bottle and letter as a remembrance of that special moment.

Evening Picnic Dinner Proposal

This is another way to create a unique moment for the big questions. Romantic gestures usually soften girls and a relaxed evening dinner picnic will always do the trick.

You can find a quiet spot for a picnic (a peaceful end of the park or beach), get a power supply with lots of white light. Decorate the place with white lights, Wiff candles, and roses.

Get a table and two chairs for dining and order some of your best meals.

Get her to come for dinner with you. You guys would eat and talk about lots of stuff. Once the sun goes down, you can turn on the lights. The sight alone will take her breath away. From here you can get to your knees and pop the big question. You can now kiss her under the sunset and make sure a photographer is somewhere close to capturing the moment.

Relaxing Getaway Proposal

If your woman is always busy with work, school and other stuff, this is the best way to treat her with a proposal. You can plan a romantic getaway that will help her relax and get free from all stress.

Choose a beautiful holiday spot and arrange for a weekend getaway with your lover. Make sure she has a great time having fun in the spa, by the water and a good rest. You can now take her to dinner with lots of candles and roses. Here you will pop the big question and promise to love her forever.

You can spice up these tips with your ideas. Just make sure they are creative enough to wow your lover. Make that moment special and watch her say “Yes.”