Do You Need Trampolines That Can Hold A Lot of Weight?

What’s the first thing that pops into your mind when you utter the word trampoline? It is childhood, isn’t it? It brings you back to those days when you would jump up and down in your neighbor’s back yard. But here you are, now an adult, wanting to know more about trampolines that can hold a lot of weight. You’ve read in one article or two about the benefits of trampolines for adults and you want to make the investment. That’s good. You’ve reached the right place. 

Let’s jump right at the beginning of trampolines

Where do trampolines come from? Who is their inventor? And most importantly, how did he come up with this amazing idea? All the questions and more are answered in this article.

It was 1930 when this idea came into the young gymnast’s mind. George Nissen was only 16 when he first thought of this idea of a sport. And it came to his at the circus, where he imagined he would invent something that allows a person to keep on bouncing. 

This sport that involves acrobatic and bouncing became an Olympic event at the 2000 Games in Sydney and trampolining is now, as you are reading this article, an immensely popular choice for all those wanting to lose weight healthily. And here’s why.

Why are trampolines good for adults?

Trampolines are healthy and no one is contesting that. But why are they a better choice than jogging or many other forms of losing weight? You are just to find out. 

Well, to begin with, bouncing reduces the impact found in jogging and helps keep bones and joints safe. And you do lose weight while doing it. And it seems to be effortless. Because you do not need to keep up with a routine or complicated circuit, all you have to do is jump for 30 minutes. Just put on some great music and enjoy this time for yourself! P.S.: Start with ten minutes and increase the time spent trampolining as you get used to it. 

Some people think that jumping on a trampoline only works out your legs. It’s just a myth. Although it might seem to be a child’s play, trampolining works out thighs, arms, hips, and stomach as well. More than safe, it is also a sport that can be enjoyed by people with mild arthritis. It’s how safe it is! 

Flexibility is another great point that trampoline routines check. It’s not only that it will be easier for you to touch your toes, but you will also forget everything about muscle pain once you get more flexible. Find out what some fitness experts believe about trampoline workouts and you will understand why this is such a great way to keep fit. 

What to consider when purchasing a trampoline for adults

1. Weight comes first

If you think about purchasing a trampoline, this is the moment when you should go weigh yourself. It’s vital for you and for the resistance of the trampoline that you know exactly how much you weigh. Of course, after some weeks of trampolining, you will weigh less, but you wouldn’t want to buy one that is recommended for people under 70 kilos if you weight 90 kilos. 

2. Budget is also important

Before making the final decision, consider how much you want to invest in the trampoline. Take into consideration that this is the only item you need for your workout, so you can rule out any expensive gym subscriptions. You only need some comfortable yoga pants and if you want to challenge yourself, you can mix trampolining with weight lifting. So, you might also invest in weights

At this point, you should find out more about some of the most appreciated trampolines, and see what each of them brings to the table. You can read a great review article here:

3. Consider the number of people who will be using the trampoline

You have the option of buying a trampoline for more people than yourself. Seriously, there’s this option of bigger models that can fit more people. Now, you have to think hard if you want to buy yourself a mini-trampoline to work out on your own or if you would like to have a bigger one, for your entire family to enjoy. Take into consideration the space you have, as well. This is an important factor when going for bigger trampolines, which can be fitted in gardens, yards or even big living rooms. 

4. You need UV-resistant materials

Are you stuck with the idea that you want a big trampoline for everyone to enjoy and you also have a big garden? That means you’re considering outdoor trampolines. And that’s great. But make sure that you chose the materials properly. If for indoor mini-trampolines, materials are not that important, if we are talking about outdoor models, they become a very important factor. 

You should make sure that the chosen trampoline is UV-resistant. In this way, it will stay safe from sun rays and other natural conditions such as rain or snow. UV-resistant materials give your trampoline resistance and durability. 

5. Replacement parts should be available

Replacement parts are very important, especially in the case of models that hold a lot of weight. Springs, mats and safety pads can be deteriorated in time and you have to make sure that you have the chance of replacing them when needed. 

Now you know everything you need to know about trampolines for adults. You know that although they remind you of your childhood, they are not childish. You know that they bring your health countless benefits and that you can enjoy weight loss in no time

And, most importantly, you know how to find the perfect trampoline that holds a lot of weight. You start with your weight, you think about the budget, choose the right indoor or outdoor materials and keep in mind that you might need to change a spring or two once in a while. Go get your trampoline!