Tricks to Avoid Rippling Before Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic plastic surgery designed to alter and enhance the bust, creating a better desirable shape. In the majority of the cases, the women who opt to undergo the breast augmentation surgery hope they can achieve natural looking results. On the downside, in some breast augmentation cases, the implants may ripple in ways that are visible and felt through the skin.

Implant rippling is definitely a giveaway that you just had the breast augmentation procedure, and it isn’t something you can ignore. You can do some things to reduce the possible risks of rippling, which should allow you to enjoy breasts that appear natural, with the best results.

What’s the Cause of Breast Implant Ripples?

Compared to silicone breast implants, saline implants ripple more. This is because silicone is thicker and it wrinkles less generally. If you do not have much breast tissue or have petite breasts already to cover the implants, you will see rippling. If your skin is thicker, there’s more chance that you see rippling since the implants will not have enough soft tissue to cover it up. This is quite true for implants that are above the muscle.

Choose Silicone Implants Over Saline

Although saline implants come with several advantages, the patients who wish to prevent any risks of rippling need to select silicone breast implants. Experts at Crispin Plastic Surgery often say that one of the major causes of rippling is due to under or over filing of saline breast implants. However, silicone implants have fillings before time, which in return reduces the possibility of rippling. Saline implants consist of cohesive gel, which looks and feels more natural like the breast tissue.

Hence, this is a preferred choice for all those women who want natural looking results. Women with little natural breast tissues are likely to notice implant rippling. Therefore, it is best that they choose silicone breast implants.

Discuss the Implant Placement Options with Your Surgeon

When it comes to the look of your implants, keep in mind that placement matters a lot, and whether the implant rippling will occur depends on this too. Physical factors like the existing breast tissue and your body fat ratio also affect the appearance of the implants. For breast implant placement, submuscular placement, positioning the implants under the pectoral muscle is the ideal option, as the additional muscle layer of tissue over the implants will reduce the risks of rippling.

For the Placement of Breast Implants Choose the Sub Muscular Technique

This also goes as the term under the muscle placement, or the submuscular technique. It involves positioning the breast implants partially under the chest muscle or under the pectoralis. The placement of the implants below the pectoral muscle and existing breast tissue will help to prevent the risks of rippling and lead to natural results since the implants better blend into the preexisting tissue and becomes undetectable.

In contrast, there’s the sub glandular technique, one that involves placing the breast implants over the muscle, and it is likely to result in noticeable rippling for slim patients since the implants are below the skin surface.

Avoid Going Too Big for Your Body

Generally, having oversized implants looks and feels less natural. Having implants that are too big for your figure will eventually cause rippling at the sides of your breasts. You should discuss all your options with your plastic surgeon regarding the implant size that is most suitable for you, and you should keep your expectations realistic.

3 Tips for Better Long-Term Results

When it comes to breast augmentation, you may be worried about the results in the long-term rather than focusing on the improved appearance in the short term. Your breast implants will last for a long time, so it is wise that you consider all your options regarding rippling. Of course, if you follow some care tips, you can ensure that you maintain the results.

Get Some Rest during the Recovery

For the best long-term results, one of the most important factors is to follow the instructions your board certified surgeon instructs. The most effective one they advise to implement is getting some days off from your work and resting well. You should take some days off and avoid heavy weight lifting to allow your body to heal well.

Avoid Underwire Bras

After the surgery, the soft bra that the surgeon advises you to wear would not be one of the best ones you have worn. However, it will surely be an effective one. To ensure the best results in the long term, you should wear the bra they suggest, which will allow your breast implants to settle well in the desired shape. At all costs, you should avoid underwire bras.

Regularly Massage

You should avoid lifting and strenuous exercises. To aid recovery, you should massage your breasts regularly. Keep in mind that your surgeon may also suggest a tailored routine.

You should ensure that you follow the advice of your breast reconstruction experts, who can help to ensure you do not face problems with rippling and have the best augmentation results.